TigerConnect has once again been recognized as a top employer in Built In’s annual Best Places to Work awards. This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional care coordination solutions and sheds light on our company’s thriving culture and dedication to employee well-being. 

Built In’s Best Places to Work program encompasses companies of all sizes and locations, from startups to established enterprises, and caters to both remote-first and traditional office settings across the U.S. Our dedication to employees has been lauded in several key categories, including: 

A Data-Driven Selection Process 

This awards program utilizes a comprehensive algorithm that factors in company data on compensation, benefits, and other employment perks. Additionally, Built In prioritizes aspects that today’s job seekers value most, such as remote and flexible work opportunities, diversity, equity, inclusion initiatives, and other employee-centric cultural offerings. 

The recognition of TigerConnect in the Built In awards is a testament to our dedication to creating a workplace where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to make a real difference in the healthcare sector. At TigerConnect, we are proud to say that we prioritize both our employees and our mission to improve patient care. 

Beyond the Awards: Building a Culture of Collaboration and Impact 

Our recognition in Built In’s Best Places to Work is an incredible accomplishment. But for us, the real reward is seeing the impact our culture has on our outstanding employees. At TigerConnect, the mission is clear – to transform and enhance communication and workflows in hospitals and the broader healthcare industry. We are a company driven by a team of dedicated and thoughtful trailblazers

The TigerConnect culture thrives on collaboration. Every employee plays a crucial role in the collective success of the team. We also actively seek diverse perspectives, understanding the strength that lies in inclusivity. This collaborative spirit is fundamental to the innovative solutions TigerConnect brings to the healthcare communication landscape. 

TigerConnect also places a premium on the health and well-being of our employees. Our comprehensive benefits package includes remote and flexible work opportunities, flexible time off, company-wide wellness days, and robust health insurance packages. The company understands that caring for employees goes beyond the workday, fostering a culture that values mental health and overall wellness. 

Why We Love Working Here 

We’re not just colleagues at TigerConnect – we’re a collaborative team united by a shared passion for transforming healthcare communication. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and actively seek out different viewpoints to fuel our collective success. This means open communication, a willingness to challenge assumptions, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity. This award highlights our steadfast commitment to fostering a positive, engaging, and unique culture where our team thrives. When asked about why they love working at TigerConnect, our employees responded: 

“My favorite part about working for TigerConnect is having the opportunity to work with talented individuals that contribute to an inclusive culture where I feel comfortable bringing my whole self to work every day.”

– Candice Chan, senior HRIS analyst

“What I really love and respect is that TigerConnect promotes equal opportunities for all employees, ensuring that everyone has access to the same resources, benefits, and growth opportunities. It implements fair hiring and promotion practices that mitigate discrimination. You see AAPI employees at almost every level of the company, from entry-level to senior leadership.” 

– Darren Zhu, SVP, engineering

“I’d say it’s been inspiring to work with people who truly are led by a common mission. I first came to TigerConnect in the middle of a pandemic and having worked outside of healthcare for a large part of my career, it’s extremely motivational to see and hear coworkers talk about our solutions as truly doing good and helping alleviate some of the burden that has strained our healthcare system really for decades, but exacerbated during Covid.” 

– Tracy Kim, VP, strategic programs

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