Company Growth Set to Soar Despite Pandemic

As 2020 comes to a close, we might all agree that this has been a year unlike any other in recent history. As a healthcare technology company, we have witnessed firsthand the impact of COVID-19 on our industry. However, with times of great challenge comes great innovation, and 2020 is no different.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, TigerConnect has experienced massive user expansion and engagement, specifically with the launch of our telehealth solution, TigerConnect Patient Engagement. This success reflects TigerConnect’s ingenuity for improving workflows, communication, and collaboration.

Our daily text message volume has more than doubled, with providers now spending over 500,000 hours per month in the TigerConnect app. Our sustained company growth also continues at a rapid pace.

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Care Team Collaboration in one Easy App

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TigerConnect Quick Stats

  • Over 750,000 registered users at leading healthcare organizations rely on TigerConnect for internal and external communications.
  • Since the pandemic began, over 1,000 healthcare organizations have adopted TigerConnect to quickly communicate, coordinate care, improve outcomes, and treat patients remotely.

The Future of Care Collaboration

Increasing features and functionality to match user growth means TigerConnect needed to grow as well. Our headcount expanded by more than 35% in the last six months, supporting the increasing demand for a reliable collaboration platform. We’re also investing in product development and professional services, meeting growing needs for advanced, easy-to-use, integrated collaboration solutions.

With a new year on the horizon, we’d like to provide a 2020 Roundup to demonstrate all the ways we’ve grown in the last year. We are truly grateful to our clients, the entire TigerConnect team, and all the innovations that have made this year far more successful than we could have anticipated.

News and Awards

TigerConnect continues to experience company growth despite a global pandemic and facing challenges through the values that make up who we are.

Throughout the year, we’ve received various professional awards reflecting our key strengths, achievements, superior teamwork, and drive to further excel.


In October, we hosted our first annual, fully virtual event, TigerSummit. With over 400 registered attendees and 21 speakers, TigerSummit provided a wealth of valuable information for not only our clients but for the entire TigerConnect team.

Celebrating the future of connected care, TigerSummit allowed clients to network with peers and learn the innovative ways they use TigerConnect to drive success and take communication strategies to the next level.

TigerSummit created a collaborative environment for our clients to learn from each other and share use cases, workflows, new product implementations, and more.

Through TigerSummit’s engaging learning sessions, we gained a firsthand look at the challenges that plague healthcare’s progression, technological advancement, and care delivery. We also learned a number of ways to move toward improvement in these areas.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

The recent launch of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, following the acquisition of Call Scheduler, has received an overwhelmingly positive response from providers seeking an integrated scheduling and collaboration solution.

Integrated with TigerConnect or as a standalone solution, TigerConnect Physician Scheduling is an automated physician scheduling software that saves time and streamlines on-call schedule creation. TigerConnect Physician Scheduling enables you to instantly communicate scheduling changes, coordinate time-off requests, and see future shift assignments in a comprehensive, mobile-friendly platform.

Over 7,000 providers now use TigerConnect Physician Scheduling for on-call scheduling. Engagement with providers has tripled based on the number of interactions on the platform.

The Connected Care Team Podcast

Miscommunication is a major factor in healthcare inefficiencies, process failures, and malpractice. These issues run the risk of causing harm to patients, damaging morale, and increasing rework.

Additionally, outdated technology like pagers, intercoms, whiteboards, and print paperwork run rampant in health organizations. No other industry as vital as our health system employs these archaic technologies. While others have embraced modern automation and conveniences of the 21st century, healthcare as a whole remains in the dark.

In response to these issues, we created The Connected Care Team podcast, giving others a platform for valuable conversations and sharing their insights directly. Each episode demonstrates how others use technology to improve processes and eliminate inefficiencies. By uniting care teams through collaboration and furthering their connection to the patient, an entire continuum of care is created.

The Current State of Patient Engagement Survey

In our Current State of the Patient Engagement survey report, we asked more than 2,000 patients and 500 clinicians across the United States about their experiences with patient engagement, virtual care, and telehealth.

Patients are pleased with telehealth and intend to continue using it, with 87% reporting that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience — 80% indicated they are interested in continuing to use telehealth.

Providers saw significant increases in video consults (73%), phone usage (54%), and secure texting (20%) and expect to see a lasting increase in use, even after the current pandemic subsides.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement

Around the time of the initial COVID-19 surge, TigerConnect launched the patient-facing telehealth solution, TigerConnect Patient Engagement, now treating nearly 150,000 unique patients.

As an already well-established communication and collaboration solution for thousands of providers and care teams, TigerConnect has quickly evolved into exceptional telehealth and virtual care solution for patients as well.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement is the first mobile-centric healthcare communication platform that enables doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals to securely communicate with patients via video, voice, or text with a single, enterprise-grade app. It also does not require patients to log in to a portal, download an app, or create any passwords. TigerConnect Patient Engagement is designed to increase access to healthcare, improve outcomes, and reduce hospital readmission.

Our Company’s Future

TigerConnect is uniquely positioned to deliver a variety of solutions that help hospitals advance care technology and progress during a critical moment for healthcare. We enable rapid, secure care coordination at scale while providing efficient and reliable methods for patient safety and remote appointments, now more important than ever.

Over 7,000 healthcare organizations around the world trust TigerConnect to improve operations and coordinate care across organizations and patients alike. As we unite collaboration and patient engagement in one comprehensive, scalable solution, we are gaining ground to meet and exceed the soaring demand for telehealth and collaboration tools worldwide.

To learn more about TigerConnect’s unprecedented company growth, and to keep up with all the latest news and company stories, check out the TigerConnect news

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