Better Collaboration Is Better for Staff and Better for Patients

This year, JP Morgan is hosting their exclusive, invite-only virtual conference, (r)Evolution. Successfully gathering hundreds of private and public CEOs, prominent investors, and community leaders, (r)Evolution highlights technology’s most innovative thinkers.

Led by our Co-founder and CEO Brad Brooks, TigerConnect will be highlighted within the conference’s healthcare track to discuss our latest advancements in healthcare technology, collaboration strategy, and communication. We are grateful for the opportunity to spotlight and share our story during this prestigious annual event.


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Key Takeaways from Brad’s Presentation:

  • The lack of healthcare collaboration has led to fragmented health systems
  • How collaboration as a strategy creates higher care quality and satisfaction
  • The ways TigerConnect is pushing the boundaries to create a truly connected care environment

Where Healthcare Technology Has Fallen Short

Healthcare is one of the last sectors to embrace digital transformation for collaboration. As a result, many healthcare systems have become fragmented. Care teams, data, communication, collaboration, and user experiences each feel the weight of this fragmentation.

The biggest problem we see is that the majority of health systems lack a single, frictionless platform for better communication and collaboration among care teams, providers, and patients. In fact, 90% of providers still rely on faxes for information exchange. Additionally, 80% of hospitals still use pagers to reach someone within the care continuum.

Even though these archaic tools have been phased out of society as a whole, they still impede healthcare’s progress.

TigerConnect: Collaboration as a Strategy

Collaboration is viewed as the single most important aspect of quality care. Nearly 80% of all medical errors can be traced back to a breakdown in communication. Health systems that prioritize collaboration among caregivers while including their patients are realizing the benefits of collaboration as a strategy for care teams.

  • Higher quality of care
  • Higher provider satisfaction
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Decreased operating expenses

TigerConnect is built on the holistic understanding of the benefits experienced through collaboration as a strategy. When you focus and execute on seamless care team collaboration, dramatic improvements to the way care is delivered are realized.

Instant Collaboration: Through a cloud-based, infinitely scalable platform, care teams and providers can be reached instantly and securely, regardless of whether or not they are in the hospital’s four walls.

Transparent care: Through TigerConnect, clinicians can incorporate and integrate the patient and their family members into these confidential conversations, individually or via group conversation when necessary.

Locations of care: Key to a seamless collaboration experience is the ability to have these conversations from anywhere, whether within the hospital, at home, through in-home health, or within a post-acute situation.

Alerts and alarms: Taking advantage of key available features such as alerts and alarms can make or break a patient’s outcome. Leveraging alerts, alarms, or physiological monitoring to bring real-time information into a centralized, mobile-friendly, actionable format is crucial.

Advanced Integrations: Healthcare relies on data from many sources – labs, imaging, telemetry, nurse call systems, etc. – all of which can create disconnected silos of information. TigerConnect lets providers and clinicians bring information from all of these systems, including the EHR or HIE, in order to share vital information with the right person at the right time.

Seamless and Limitless

Now more than ever, it’s critical to connect internal and external teams, patients, systems, and insights. As a cloud-based collaboration solution, TigerConnect allows care teams to reach one another without limitation.

  • Cloud-native solution
  • Mobile-first focused
  • Enterprise-grade reliability
  • Enterprise-wide scalability
  • HITRUST certified and secure
  • System agnostic to EHR and integrations

TigerConnect is actively used by nearly 7,000 organizations across the United States, from small organizations to the largest health systems in the country, including CommonSpirit, Geisinger, and more. We are uniquely positioned to deliver on both sides of the care equation, be it care team collaboration or patient communication.

For nearly a decade, we have been focusing on principle functionalities like scalability, reliability, security, adding advanced integrations along the way. New additions like TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, VoIP and video, alerts and alarms, and data integrations into EHR and lab systems have propelled our innovation beyond expectations.

Lasting Client Partnerships

As TigerConnect continues to flourish, we have found new use cases and innovative approaches to building and strengthening client relationships. We make it our goal to partner with our clients in order to deliver quantifiable results by using the TigerConnect collaboration platform.

Michael Litterer, RWJBarnabas

  • Prioritize: “With TigerConnect, we are immediately notified and given enough information that we can prioritize and have a quick response.”
  • Response Time: “We realized our response time is one of the quickest in our system.”

Joe Alfonsi, Temple University Health System

  • Financial Impact: “We were able to eliminate many pagers, bringing our monthly paging bill from $12,000 month to 1,000 a month, so it had a big financial impact.”
  • Security: “Pagers are not secure; we were getting coverage gaps and downtime. Moving to a more reliable solution, it’s even paid for TigerConnect.”

Matthew Fenty, St. Luke’s University Health Network

  • Smarter Roles: “For individuals looking for secure text messaging or TigerConnect… it’s a solution you can send a text to someone specific or to a specific clinical role.”
  • Self-Service Communication: “We’re at the point where we understand what’s possible with text and video, I can save hours; it’s true self-service communication.”

Looking Ahead

At TigerConnect, we believe this is how clinicians want to collaborate with teams and patients, and how patients would prefer to communicate with their providers as well.

As the only vendor that rates over 50% or higher via KLAS in 9 out of 10 evaluation categories, TigerConnect is the only solution to operate at scale and is now achieving critical new heights.

  • 6,500+ healthcare companies
  • 700,00 active users
  • 10 million daily care team interactions

As healthcare continues to evolve, seamless collaboration, and better communication among teams, providers, and patients must be prioritized as a critical aspect of quality care.

Through TigerConnect’s continued platform advancements, user expansion, and company growth, we strive to pave the way for healthcare innovation, feature-rich collaboration, and technology evolution.

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