Much of our decision-making, whether it involves hiring experts or selecting doctors, is determined by word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews. In fact, 72% of people trust others’ experiences to select the best healthcare provider. In the healthcare industry, we have Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores. To understand a patient’s reliance on these scores, we must first understand what makes them essential. 

Understanding HCAHPS scores 

HCAHPS is a standardized survey that measures patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience, offering valuable insights into healthcare institutions’ quality of care and overall patient contentment. The survey covers various aspects of patient care, including communication, cleanliness, pain management, and discharge instructions. These scores are essential to healthcare quality assessment and are vigilantly monitored by regulatory authorities and healthcare administrators. Patients can readily access these scores to make well-informed decisions regarding their healthcare, presenting a significant opportunity for hospitals to distinguish themselves within their communities as higher scores are typically equated with superior care. 

High HCAHPS scores are associated with better patient outcomes and lower readmission rates, contributing to a hospital’s reputation and financial success. The key to these high scores is cultivating a culture that emphasizes quality measures, including implementing streamlined communication workflows to enhance interpersonal and communication skills.

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The impact of communication on patient outcomes 

There are many steps healthcare leaders can take to improve HCAHPS scores, but the primary one is efficient communication and streamlined workflows. A staggering 70-80% of errors stem from inadequate communication within the care team, so effective communication between healthcare providers and patients is a cornerstone of high HCAHPS scores. Patients want to feel heard, informed, and involved in their care. When communication is clear, empathetic, and timely, patients are more likely to report positive experiences.  

Closer connections through patient engagement solutions 

To forge stronger bonds with patients and improve their overall experience, you must address issues of patient disengagement. When patients are not fully engaged in their clinical care, they are less likely to adhere to treatment plans, leading to poorer health outcomes and negatively impacting HCAHPS scores. As a solution, comprehensive collaboration platforms like TigerConnect equip providers with the engagement tools needed to motivate patients to become active participants in their own care journey. 

Through secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging, TigerConnect Patient Engagement enhances communication between care teams, patients, and their families and helps increase HCAHPS scores in several ways: 

  • Reliable Channel of Communication: Providers are armed with real-time communication capabilities to keep patients and their family members informed throughout the care process. By promptly addressing concerns and keeping patients in the loop, you can elevate patient satisfaction, foster trust, and enhance overall engagement. 
  • Positive Post-Discharge Engagement: TigerConnect enables you to create a comprehensive and supportive post-visit experience, quickly providing aftercare instructions, and sending follow-up appointment reminders through text messages. This ongoing communication reinforces patient engagement, encourages valuable feedback, and facilitates a seamless transition from hospital care to home. 

By prioritizing the patient experience, your organization demonstrates a commitment to its patients, improving its reputation and HCAHPS scores. 

Start Improving Your HCAHPS Scores with TigerConnect 

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform offers robust features to boost teamwork, improve care coordination, and seamlessly exchange critical patient information. This includes sharing patient updates and addressing discharge requirements via text, voice, or video. Furthermore, this platform strongly emphasizes safeguarding patient information, simplifying operational workflows, and accelerating response times for critical messages, all of which are crucial for enhancing the overall patient journey. 

Additional ways healthcare organizations can enhance communication via TigerConnect include:  

  • Facilitate Rapid Communication: TigerConnect deploys mobile technology, enabling organizations to easily communicate with providers outside of their organization so that PCPs and specialists can communicate more easily with one another, resulting in better continuity of care and more positive patient outcomes.  
  • Streamline Workflows: The platform supports the creation of customized workflows, allowing organizations to design processes that optimize resource allocation, reduce bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency. 
  • Enhance Care Coordination: TigerConnect fosters collaboration among different departments and care teams, ensuring that patient information is readily accessible, and the risk of medical errors is reduced. 

High HCAHPS scores serve as evidence of a healthcare organization’s dedication to patient-centered care. Streamlining communication workflows is crucial in improving these scores and, more importantly, enhancing the overall patient experience. By embracing the vast technological capabilities of a platform like TigerConnect, healthcare organizations can build stronger connections with patients, leading to improved outcomes, reduced readmissions, and a more positive reputation in the community. 

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