As clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms continue to play a crucial role in the day-to-day interactions of care teams, healthcare organizations are seeking ways to enhance their platform capabilities. Compliance and security rank among the primary requirements on this agenda. Safeguarding critical patient information remains a top priority, especially given the rising threats of data breaches and ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry. HIPAA-compliant messaging tools with self-destructing messages are becoming commonplace, but sometimes those self-destructed messages need to be referenced because of gaps in the patient record, litigation, or HR policies. That’s why having a secure message archiving system and policy is crucial to a hospital’s record management strategy. 

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Ensuring Compliance, Security, and Efficiency with TigerConnect

Why archiving matters 

Archiving secure messages is a crucial mechanism for safeguarding patient information and maintaining EHR integrity. This becomes especially pertinent when considering instances where vital data may have eluded EHR upload, potentially leading to information gaps. Hospital systems are turning to comprehensive platforms that streamline the process of adopting and deploying permanent record archiving, which proves beneficial in various scenarios: 

  • Litigation support: A permanent record can be invaluable in legal matters, offering documentation that may be useful for litigation purposes. 
  • HR policy compliance: Ensures users adhere to HR policies in their communications, promoting accountability and adherence to organizational guidelines. 
  • Business transactions: Certain organizations may find a permanent record of business activity through text messages useful, extending beyond patient care to encompass various transactions. 

Archival considerations 

The first step in archiving messages is to find an archival solution that prioritizes global administrator access and secures storage with AES encryption and compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and SEC regulations. When choosing a record management platform, it should ensure accessibility in various formats and a cloud-based platform with geographically dispersed data centers for swift eDiscovery responses. This includes data ingestion, indexing, search, eDiscovery, and export. A robust archival system ensures sub-second response times when searching extensive datasets. This level of processing is achievable only through a cloud-computed CPU, capable of real-time scaling for quick and timely search experiences. 

Digital message archiving with TigerConnect 

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform sets the standard for healthcare organizations to employ archiving services featuring unlimited storage, robust functionality, user-friendly interfaces, strong security, and privacy measures to align with industry regulations. TigerConnect Secure Message Archiving securely stores every message within your TigerConnect network, ensuring messages are searchable and accessible forever. 

Messages can be seamlessly incorporated into existing infrastructure or securely hosted offsite. Once setup is complete, messages will start traveling to your TigerConnect-hosted inbox, and every message sent within TigerConnect contains metadata that can be searched to help identify the individual sending and receiving the message.  

Additional benefits of Message Archiving include: 

  • Unlimited storage of electronic messaging. 
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface that is up and running in a few hours with no physical hardware to install. 
  • Data storage adheres to PCI DSS and Cloud Security Alliance standards. 
  • Archived data is never mixed between customers. TigerConnect uses SSL for web browser-data center communication, ensuring performance and data privacy. 

Learn more about how TigerConnect can help transform your organization’s messaging infrastructure, so your teams can get back to focusing on patient care and business continuity.


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