TigerConnect recently joined more than 40,000 healthcare trailblazers from around the world at HIMSS24, the healthcare industry’s most influential conference, to exchange ideas, discover innovations, and forge connections that propel healthcare forward. We’re excited to share key takeaways that resonate with the industry’s evolving landscape.

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How Eliminating ‘Collaboration Waste’ Can Enhance Clinician Efficiency and Performance

1. Interoperability and data sharing: the bedrock of connected care 

One of the most prominent themes at HIMSS24 was the critical need for seamless interoperability and data sharing across healthcare systems. Siloed data hinders patient care coordination and frustrates providers seeking a holistic view of their patient’s health. Valuable time and resources are lost with inefficient collaboration practices, such as playing phone tag, searching for the right contact, or tracking down patient information. This Collaboration Waste delays patient care and puts financial strains on healthcare systems. HIMSS24 sessions dedicated to interoperability solutions were buzzing with discussions on fostering a culture of collaboration among healthcare stakeholders by creating a more connected healthcare ecosystem, ultimately benefiting patients through improved care coordination and personalized treatment plans. At TigerConnect, we design our solutions to bridge these data gaps and empower providers with a unified view of their patient’s health data. 

2. AI and machine learning (ML): reducing burnout and transforming healthcare delivery 

Burnout among America’s healthcare workers hit crisis levels even before the pandemic, and it continues to drain their mental well-being as well as the pockets of the healthcare system. Annual burnout-related turnover costs are $9 billion for nurses and $2.6 to $6.3 billion for physicians, prompting many healthcare systems to leverage AI and ML to transform healthcare delivery. HIMSS24 sessions placed these powerful tools at the forefront of the conversation, with nurses leading the charge. Sessions explored the role nurses play in harnessing AI and digital tools to shape better care delivery and how these innovations empower nurses to streamline workflows and ultimately improve health outcomes. 

3. The patient at the center: empowering individuals through patient engagement 

HIMSS24 emphasized the importance of placing the patient at the center of care. Sessions on patient engagement strategies, telehealth advancements, and patient portals reinforced the growing need to empower individuals to participate actively in their healthcare journeys. This aligns perfectly with TigerConnect’s commitment to prioritizing patient engagement through solutions that enhance patient education, improve provider communication, and promote medication adherence. 

Collaboration is key

While these three takeaways highlight some of the most prominent themes at HIMSS24, a common thread weaves through them all: collaboration. As healthcare organizations strive to achieve seamless interoperability, harness the power of AI, and empower patients, collaboration across healthcare stakeholders – providers, payers, patients, and technology companies – is essential. By working together, we can break down silos, unlock the potential of innovation, and build a future where healthcare is truly connected, data-driven, and patient-centered. 

Spotlight interview – tackling collaboration waste with Dr. Will O’Connor, CMIO 

Collaboration Waste is often the result of clinicians using ineffective communication tools, a lack of application interoperability, and unoptimized clinical workflow processes. By connecting care teams, patients, and data, TigerConnect helps address these instances of collaboration waste, resulting in better care delivery and improved patient outcomes. In this interview with HIMSSTV, Dr. Will O’Connor, chief medical information officer at TigerConnect, discusses how TigerConnect solutions address gaps to prevent delays in treatment and possible medical errors, uplifting patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction. In this interview, Dr. O’Connor sheds light on the impactful role of modern clinical communication platforms in reducing the costly gaps in care delivery known as Collaboration Waste. 

This glimpse into HIMSS24 just scratches the surface of the incredible learning and networking opportunities that took place. We had a great time exploring the latest advancements shaping the future of healthcare, and we look forward to another insightful conference next year! 

TigerConnect at HIMSS24

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