KLAS Research’s recent “Clinical Communication Platforms 2023” report highlights the benefits of clinical communications and collaboration (CC&C) and vendor’s offering solutions. TigerConnect was highlighted for ease of adoption across departments and facility types in particular. It’s another sign that improving clinical workflows is a rising priority for the healthcare industry. 

The report is based on a limited sample of 21 TigerConnect customers, a small fraction of our 7,000 (and growing) customer base. Even so, the strengths of the TigerConnect Clinical Communication Software Platform and the ease of deployment shone through. Fourteen organizations reported more than 1 million messages a month are delivered through TigerConnect. Annually, TigerConnect processes more than 4 billion messages across all deployments. 

Cross-department deployments improve workflows 

Communicating across departmental boundaries is always one of the biggest challenges in healthcare organizations. That siloed effect is also one of the challenges in deploying a CC&C platform. A holistic view of care crosses all medical departments, pharmacy, and labs but also includes administrative and support staff who can be vital links in processes such as transfers or discharges.  

In the KLAS report, TigerConnect had the highest percentage of validated vendors for usage among respondent employees, showing above-average adoption depth versus other vendors. Respondents noted that the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform is in use across many departments including clinical and non-clinical. With our enterprise agreements, we make it easy for organizations to add non-clinical staff. That holistic view is embedded in our technology as well as our training and support services. The more departments and staff members using TigerConnect, the more efficient workflows will be – leading to a better patient experience. 

Flexibility to achieve communications goals 

The report also showcases our customers reporting TigerConnect’s flexibility in helping them realize their communication goals. Improving healthcare is not an event, it’s a journey, and different organizations are at different points in that journey. Two organizations might look similar from the outside, but their near- and mid-term priorities might be quite different. The technologies have to be flexible enough to accommodate those differences and so does the training and support. Our enterprise agreements benefit customers here as well.  

One goal that often comes up working with customers on their communications strategies is driving adoption by all clinicians. Physicians are known to be among those most likely to stick with outdated communications technologies such as pagers that don’t allow robust, timely information sharing. Yet, that’s changing with TigerConnect, according to KLAS researchers: 

“The [TigerConnect] solution’s ease of use and ability to be easily deployed have led to above-average physician adoption.” 

We recognize the report is just a snapshot of adoption from those taking the time to provide KLAS Research feedback. Yet, we are gratified to see our customers taking the time to demonstrate their own progress with TigerConnect. 

What are your communication goals? Contact TigerConnect and we will join you on your own journey to improve workflows.

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