TigerText Scores Major Points for HIPAA-Compliant Enterprise Texting Technology

By: Jacqueline Lee | March 2, 2013 (Featured on HealthTechZone)

Privately funded TigerText has secured over $10 million since 2010 to help enterprises develop more secure internal communication strategies.

The company saw a major business opportunity in the healthcare industry and started developing HIPAA-Compliant text messaging for medical facilities.

The rapidly growing solution has scored four major contracts for TigerText, according to a statement released on Tuesday. Stamford Hospital, Adventist Health California, University of Kentucky Healthcare and Scottsdale Health Partners have all gotten on board for the internal text messaging technology.

The partnerships place TigerText in over 350 facilities across 37 states in the U.S. Its secure communication platform fosters secure internal communication between healthcare staff ranging from simple text messaging to the sharing of large patient files.

“With the advent of SaaS, the cloud and mobility, TigerText stands at the epicenter of an opportunity to fundamentally improve the way daily health care communication occurs while saving money for enterprises through faster response times and better compliance,” noted TigerText founder and CEO, Brad Brooks.

TigerText deploys easily in large enterprises thanks to its Active Directory/LDAP integration. This integration means hospitals and other large medical facilities can use existing user management systems in the deployment.

Medical facilities have been using text messaging to communicate with patients for some time. In the U.K., for example, Eating Hospital in West London started sending texts to remind patients of upcoming appointments back in 2004.

Other clinics dealing with sensitive issues like sexually transmitted diseases allow patients to obtain confidential information and answer questions via text message.

The TigerText idea is innovative, however, because it addresses internal communications rather than internal communications. Communicating over unsecured platforms within hospitals often put confidential patient information at risk.

TigerText will reveal several new initiatives when it participates in the Healthcare and Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in March.

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