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TigerConnect Announces Expanded Product Suite to Revolutionize Clinical Collaboration and Cut Care Costs

Intuitive Communication Capabilities Designed Around and For Today’s Healthcare Worker

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — August 5, 2021 — TigerConnect, healthcare’s most adopted platform for advanced care team collaboration and clinical integrations, is expanding its portfolio with a suite of new and enhanced products designed to meet the emerging needs that tomorrow’s network of interconnected healthcare organizations demand. The new suite streamlines the delivery of care through an extensible, interconnected, workflow-based, and EHR-compatible platform. What collaboration software has done for other industries, TigerConnect is now doing for the highly regulated healthcare industry. 

Today’s healthcare facilities are filled with remarkably advanced care tools, but their communications systems have remained unconnected and antiquated. Many healthcare workers still depend on legacy systems consisting of pagers, fax machines, isolated patient monitors, landline telephones, and whiteboards. All of which create noise, chaos, and massive inefficiency.

TigerConnect solutions turn chaotic noise and broken workflows into clear communication that ensures the right person receives the right message with the right data at the right time to support real-time decision making – all on your mobile device. TigerConnect solutions are designed to improve efficiency and quality, improve outcomes, and improve the overall patient and provider experience.  

The TigerConnect Solution Suite

The newly enhanced TigerConnect portfolio empowers healthcare organizations of all sizes to solve complex workflows and communications scenarios from end to end, beginning with a significantly enhanced care collaboration platform. From there, enhancement technologies include simpler, more compassionate patient and family engagement options. Plus improved alert and event notification and scheduling solutions help ensure hospitals already stretched thin with clinical staffing shortages do not compromise patient care and safety.

TigerConnect helps health systems build regional networks that connect hospitals, ambulatory clinics, and specialty practices by allowing any form of digital data to be delivered and acted upon by the patient’s care team. The robust and highly reliable TigerConnect platform provides the rails and pipes to deliver sensitive patient health information to the right clinician, administrator, or any other person required to act upon it. 

As industry momentum builds, organizations ranging from physician offices to home health agencies to the nation’s largest healthcare systems are choosing full-suite, multi-solution collaboration platforms to improve patient outcomes, reduce expenditures, and drive true digital transformation.

“As a surgeon, I have personally lived the nightmare of a health system that lags in innovation, as compared to almost every other modern industry,” said Will O’Connor, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer, TigerConnect. “TigerConnect offers healthcare workers simple solutions to strengthen patient care, cut costs, streamline workflows, and truly transform clinical collaboration for the future.”

“Much as enterprise collaboration platforms have fundamentally transformed how businesses collaborate around people, data, and integrations, TigerConnect is now revolutionizing healthcare collaboration,” said Brad Brooks, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder, TigerConnect. “Care organizations can communicate and collaborate securely and safely, while absolutely protecting patient privacy in the cloud. This revolution is just beginning as more healthcare data and integrations move to the cloud, and we are proud to be leading the way with platforms and solutions that will enable people and automate workflows.” 

All TigerConnect solutions are HITRUST CSF-certified, built in the world’s most secure cloud, and are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring complete privacy of all patient data and communications. 

Ready for the challenges of today’s market, TigerConnect is building systems to deliver better care faster and at a much lower cost, and is leading the way for healthcare’s collaboration transformation.

Introducing the TigerConnect Portfolio 

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform

This foundational, collaboration platform enables instant, secure communication between patients and clinicians, real-time delivery of results to caregivers, communication between teams, and more. Utilizing compliant, purpose-built, modern collaboration tools like text and video, TigerConnect helps teams work more efficiently and productively, empowering staff to securely identify and communicate with colleagues across shifts. Additionally, unanswered messages are automatically escalated, thus saving steps, accelerating care, and improving a wide range of organizational outcomes.

TigerConnect Alarm Management and Event Notification

These newly expanded middleware capabilities allow nurse teams to consume, prioritize and route contextualized alerts and alarm notifications from any nurse station, physiologic monitor, smart bed, or EHR vendor. This improvement alone dramatically reduces unnecessary clinical interruptions, alarm fatigue, and sentinel events by separating the signal from the noise, helping to keep already lean nursing teams productive and less prone to burnout.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement

With tools like video, voice, and secure text, busy healthcare staff can finally bypass traditional outreach challenges, giving fast, easy, and direct access to patients and their families. Staff can send appointment reminders and collect intake documents before a visit, provide loved ones with updates during a procedure, conduct remote wound care follow-ups, and drive post-visit care plan adherence. This solution works equally well in smaller office settings and telehealth practices and has full data integration capabilities and extensibility to meet the unique needs of all healthcare organizations.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Healthcare organizations waste far too much time building and managing schedules by hand. Automating the on-call and resident scheduling process and fusing it with clinical communications not only helps care teams know which doctor or physician’s assistant to contact and when, but allows them to share key details within a team of collaborators. This ultimately streamlines time-off requests, shift swaps, and calendar access on a smartphone or desktop.

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TigerConnect Updates Portfolio

At its core, TigerConnect’s Portfolio integrates communication within all systems to improve collaboration, reduce burnout, improve patient outcomes, and connect clinicians with patients in a meaningful way.

Explosive Growth

TigerConnect has been growing at a breakneck pace, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, having acquired companies Call Scheduler and Critical Alert, closing a $45M Series D investment, increasing revenue by more than 40%, and nearly doubling its workforce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TigerConnect added more than 750 new accounts including CommonSpirit Health. As industry momentum builds, more organizations than ever are choosing full-suite, multi-solution collaboration platforms to improve patient outcomes, cut costs, and drive true digital transformation. 

“Geisinger shares TigerConnect’s passion for innovation, and we have had numerous successes across the health system on behalf of our patients, members, and Geisinger associates,” said Jonathan Slotkin, M.D., Geisinger’s Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer. “In one instance, the use of TigerConnect reduced the median response time to communicate critical information between the laboratory and clinicians from seven minutes to less than one minute – an important efficiency gain that improves patient safety and the efficiency with which our Geisinger family members can do their work. TigerConnect has been a game-changer for our health system.” 

Meet TigerConnect Leaders

The following senior leaders from TigerConnect are available for virtual media interviews:

  • Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder Brad Brooks
  • Chief Medical Officer/Co-founder Andrew Brooks, MD
  • Chief Medical Information Officer, Will O’Connor, MD

Please contact TigerConnect Vice President Corporate Marketing David Mays to schedule an interview.   

About TigerConnect

TigerConnect transforms healthcare with the industry’s most widely adopted clinical collaboration platform – uniquely modernizing the way doctors, nurses, care teams, patients, and data connect. With solutions spanning care communication, patient engagement, scheduling, alarm notifications, nurse call, and more, TigerConnect accelerates productivity, reduces costs, and improves patient outcomes, safely and securely. Trusted by more than 7,000 healthcare organizations for user-friendly, yet enterprise-ready solutions, TigerConnect delivers 99.99% verifiable uptime for more than 10 million messages each day. To learn more about TigerConnect, visit