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TigerConnect Highlighted in KLAS Research 2021 Report on Clinical Communication Platforms for Ease of Use

TigerConnect recognized for serving the largest base of acute care customers with timely, efficient workflows above all other vendors

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – October 1, 2021 – KLAS Research, the healthcare IT analyst firm, has found that healthcare organizations using Clinical Communication Platforms improve efficiency overall, with improved clinician communication as the top outcome. The 2021 Report highlights how care teams using TigerConnect feel the solution delivers value–including improved efficiency for clinical support staff, improved nurse satisfaction and patient satisfaction and care via timely, efficient communication. These are among the most compelling communication workflows provided by TigerConnect.

Following in the footsteps of a year marked by significant feature enhancements and the company’s acquisitions of on-call physician scheduling and advanced middleware solutions, TigerConnect bolstered the company’s core Clinical Collaboration Platform and deepened its capabilities.

“2021 has proven a tipping point as healthcare systems evolve their requirements from secure messaging to the most contextual, advanced clinical collaboration experiences. Clinicians are demanding an all-in-one mobile collaboration experience that helps them raise the standard of care and improve patient outcomes,” said Will O’Connor, MD, TigerConnect’s chief medical information officer. “The KLAS report validates TigerConnect in our vision to make hospitals and care delivery more agile.”

TigerConnect received A ratings for Loyalty and Operations. In citing how TigerConnect delivers efficiency across its large base of customers, the report states the product’s ease of use, coupled with enterprise contracting, allow for simple rollout by many user groups, helping promote organization-wide efficient communications.

Among the top outcomes that TigerConnect provides, according to customers surveyed for the report, are:

  • Improved clinician response time
  • Increased clinician workflow satisfaction (fewer call interruptions and easier access to communication)
  • Transparency into patient teams and schedules (scheduling, team communication, role-based directory)

As one respondent notes, “One outcome that we have achieved with TigerConnect’s solution has been improved communication between our nurses, providers, and administration. We can just text someone in administration rather than having to know their personal phone number. The value of adding two-way asynchronous communication in our clinical areas has been huge. They can always put themselves on do not disturb if they don’t want people to text them. When nurses or providers are actively engaged with patients, they can get the information they need with the system, and then return that information.”

The report also documents that TigerConnect has helped clients achieve improved patient team collaboration (patient transport, bed management and environmental services); increased clinician access to and sharing of patient data; more efficient physician clinics and outpatient care; and improved patient care, including reduced readmissions, reduced errors and faster crash team response.

And in one timely account, a TigerConnect client notes, “Our administration uses TigerConnect’s solution. If people ask for TigerConnect accounts, we can give them accounts. I don’t know how we would have been able to get through the COVID-19 pandemic without this solution.”

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About the 2021 KLAS Clinical Communication Platform Report

KLAS data and reports are a compilation of research gathered from websites; healthcare industry reports; interviews with healthcare, payer, and employer organization executives and managers; and interviews with vendor and consultant organizations. The organizations profiled are at the cutting edge of clinical communication and have often made significant contributions, in partnership with vendors like TigerConnect, to develop solution capabilities and drive outcomes.

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