The Tate Chronicles: Dr. Will O’Connor, Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect

Published in HealthcareNOW Radio Podcast Network, January 29, 2023

The latest episode of the Jim Tate Chronicles features TigerConnect’s Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Will O’Connor, discussing how healthcare organizations can use TigerConnect to reduce ED wait times and improve patient care.

This episode explores how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to streamline critical workflows, improve communication between providers and patients, and create integrated real-time care coordination. Dr. O’Connor examines the complexities of ED overcrowding, explaining why it is a growing problem across the country and what strategies healthcare organizations should consider when trying to reduce wait times in their EDs.

Drawing on his extensive experience in healthcare, Dr. O’Connor shares best practices for integrating technology into workflows and highlights ways that TigerConnect could be used to facilitate communication between providers, enable better patient access to care, and enable more efficient clinical decision making.

Tune in here.