Healthcare Entrepreneurship-as-a-Service

By: Kyle Samani | May 7, 2014 (Featured on EMR & HIPAA)

We are witnessing a dramatic unbundling of the services that power business. Almost every aspect of business can be unbundled into a monthly service.

My startup, Pristine, runs on a number of unbundled cloud services that until recently, would have traditionally been outsourced to HR firms or mega-IT companies. We run Pristine on ZenPayroll, RelateIQ, Google Apps, Expensify, Maxwell Health, Zero, Resumator, Media Temple, and more. Similarly, we’ve built our flagship service, EyeSight, on top of a broad array of development tools and services (check out the Pristine Engineering Blog to learn more about how the sausage is made). We’ve made it a priority to invent and do as little as possible by utilizing 3rd party stacks and services everywhere possible.

Healthcare is not immune to this trend. There are a number of companies that are unbundling health IT entrepreneurship…

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