Announcing the 2014 socalTECH 50: Southern California’s Ones To Watch

By: Ben Kuo | November 7, 2014 (Featured on socalTECH)

This is our second year of creating our list of the top 50 people to watch in Southern California’s technology industry, and it was NOT an easy task.

As we found last year, it’s a tough, unforgiving task to narrow down a list of the folks in Southern California’s technology industry to just fifty to watch. There were many, many people who are not on the list who indeed deserve to be on this list — in fact, we had so many names from readers and our nominating committee, we were forced into the difficult task of trimming back many deserving names. This year was particularly difficult, due to an explosion of startup activity in the region, which is now drawing entrepreneurs from around the world attracted by the rich environment for technology and media startups here…

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