Yes, But My Docs Will Never Log Into On-Call Scheduling Software!

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve purchased the software, the features are great, and just what your Physicians seem to keep mentioning every time you turn around. As a Scheduler, you have been benefiting from it, but your Providers continue to be stuck in the “old way” of using and accessing the on-call schedules. Great features, but MY Docs will never log in!

Well… do they pick up their email? Let’s see how much they can do with minimal effort!

If your providers can pick up email on their phones, there is something for everyone including viewing schedules, being able to make Provider Requests, and receiving Text Message Reminders.

They can view their schedules in three different ways on their phones:

    1. Via your microsite. Simply email them the location, they can pick it up on their phone and create an app-icon shortcut to the view. One-click viewing and they can see everyone! No login required.
    2. Via an iCal link. Create and email the iCal link to them. Your Providers can open it up on their phone, click on the link and respond “subscribe” when asked. Their individual TigerConnect Physician Scheduling assignments will display on their personal calendar on their phone, right along with their dental appointments and the like. The iCal subscription will update as you change your schedule. One-click viewing for their personal assignments! No login required.
    3. Via the TigerConnect Physician Scheduling APP. Email your Providers the info where they can download our FREE app, available for both iPhone and Android! We can even supply text for you to “swipe” for your notice. After the Provider downloads the APP, they log into the APP once, and they will have one-click viewing of their personal assignments, the group’s assignments, and be able to make Provider Requests!

They can also receive Text Message Reminders

They can also receive Text Message Reminders regarding their assignments without needing their username, password if you set up the Reminders for them. Of course, they could do this on their own with username, passwords… but if a few may not want to (or are afraid to)… you can do it for them.

Yes, but I don’t have an I.T. brain!

You don’t need one. The interfaces are easy to use and we will take you through them step-by-step. All you need is WebEx for training and your Provider’s email addresses entered into Call Scheduler. No WebEx, not to worry… It’s a help, but not a requirement. We’ve been training long before WebEx came out.

Yes, but I simply don’t have the time and I’m afraid to do it!

Don’t have the emails entered and no time to do it? We can help you with that too, contact us!

Want to have a “How To” class for your Providers?

We can show them what to do with the “incoming” emails on their phone after they receive them from you. Call us, and we can set one up.

Key Takeaway:

Don’t let the fear of change or lack of time slow down the adoption of your on-call scheduling software. A few simple things can help your MDs get rolling, and encourage a ripple effect throughout your organization.


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