TigerConnect Values: Empathy & Thoughtfulness Set Staff up for Success

TigerConnect Values: Empathy & Thoughtfulness Set Staff up for Success

Earlier this year, the People Operations department at TigerConnect initiated a recognition program for both our employees and our values. On the week of their anniversary at TigerConnect (or “Tigerversary”, as we like to call it), employees elaborate on which of our five values best reflects their own values. TigerTexters share a bit about themselves and also reiterate the importance of our values on a weekly basis.

Empathetic and Thoughtful

Being empathetic and thoughtful was the first value to be created, not because it is the most important, but because it is one that our Executive Team felt that every employee at TigerConnect embodied. This value is an essential requirement of our clients. Doctors and nurses have such a profound effect on patients when they show empathy and thoughtfulness. Being understood and heard eases the pain of what a patient may be experiencing. As we improve clinical communication for healthcare employees with TigerConnect, we are also creating more time for them to focus on their patients. More time listening, more time showing kindness, and more time for empathy.

Importance Outweighs the Difficulty

Empathy and thoughtfulness is important, but is not always easy. It takes an effort to understand why someone else feels the way they do. Yet, to be an effective leader and colleague, we believe it is necessary. When leadership is empathetic it boosts morale and leads to increased productivity. When a colleague is thoughtful and listens to their coworker’s feelings it helps to create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

Our Office Manager, Melissa Servin, reflected that “we never know the struggles someone may be experiencing, and something as small as a “hello,” or a small gesture of kindness or gratitude can mean the world. I love that this is one of the TigerConnect values because I not only feel that the people are nice here, but they are truly KIND and that comes from practicing empathy and thoughtfulness.” When an employee feels that their work relationships go beyond just numbers and results, they are more likely to feel appreciated and go that extra mile to make the company successful.

Starting from the recruiting process at TigerConnect, through onboarding, to years of dedication to our mission of transforming healthcare communication, we strive for each employee to embody empathy and thoughtfulness. In the words of our Director of People Operations, Lesley Baughman, “when you place yourself in the shoes of a stranger, friend, family member, or coworker, you will gain some perspective on how to best identify ways to solve problems. The little things matter, and to acknowledge someone’s pain or joy should be something we always strive for, and best of all, it’s free to pass along.”

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