Telehealth Is Just a Secure Text Away

Telehealth Is Just a Secure Text Away

TigerConnect Provides Effective Telehealth for Therapy Practice

Seeing patients regularly throughout the pandemic meant Ambre Associates, LLC needed secure telehealth for safety and precaution during a time of social distancing, as well as a way to secure confidential conversations and information. This push for reliable virtual care meant finding the right solution, one that was secure, simple, affordable, and incorporated all of the features Ambre Associates needed.

As a small business seeking a telehealth solution, value and functionality were significant factors for Ambre Associates. Implementing TigerConnect fit their budget and exceeded their expectations for features, functionality, and platform preferences.

Meet Denise Ambre

Denise Ambre, owner of Ambre Associates, is a prominent Psychoanalytic Therapist, leading a private practice in Chicago’s North Shore alongside three additional therapists. Through her leadership, Ambre Associates treats a broad spectrum of clientele of all ages, specializing in mental illness care including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD.

In business for nearly 30 years, Denise has done a tremendous amount of research around best practices for secure, compliant telehealth offerings. She also embraces that everybody texts, but these conversations must be kept confidential. As a result, Ambre Associates sought a HIPAA-compliant, secure text messaging solution that also could serve as a platform for her practice’s telehealth needs, preferably one without cumbersome apps or complexity for their patients.

Secure Communications Through the Right Solution

The benefits of telehealth work for both sides of the patient-provider relationship. Following this year’s rapid but necessary telehealth pivot among healthcare organizations of all sizes, surging demands for remote treatment call for well-developed voice, video, and text offerings when choosing a communication and collaboration platform.

According to a survey of more than 1,300 clinicians, 85% of physicians are currently employing video or phone telehealth appointments, and 68% of physicians see telehealth as a permanent shift. As evidenced through the evolution of telehealth, the term itself refers to a broad variety of technologies that support virtual care, including:

    • Live Video: Real-time video conferencing between a provider and patient
    • Remote Patient Monitoring: Digital platforms collect patient data in one location and securely transmit it to a provider in another location
    • Mobile Health: The use of mobile devices and apps provides care services and collects personal health data
    • Store-and-Forward: Technologies that enable providers to electronically and securely transmit files with medical information

TigerConnect Simplifies Communications for Ambre Associates

After exploring her telehealth options through various platforms, Denise selected TigerConnect, prioritizing its secure communications, advanced telehealth capabilities, video consults, and text messaging features.

From the start, Denise’s goal was to find a telehealth solution during the pandemic, but she now sees TigerConnect as a permanent, viable solution, especially for those who cannot make it into the office or who are home-bound.

Denise has experienced 100% participation from her patients, as well as her team of therapists, all of whom use TigerConnect daily. The main benefits experienced by the team at Ambre Associates ranged from ease of use to better security.

Top Benefits From the Team

    • Peace of mind: Achieves HIPAA compliance and simpler than previous solutions
    • Better communication: Easier to communicate with patients and the team
    • Stronger connection: Seamless functionality and telehealth capability connection
    • Great support: TigerConnect offers around-the-clock, responsive support in real-time

One of the bonus benefits that Denise didn’t initially anticipate was how helpful TigerConnect is for team communication.

Originally implemented for patient communication, the team at Ambre Associates has found that using TigerConnect is beneficial for collaborating, sending referrals, and clarifying information without relying on less secure communication methods.

“I couldn’t keep my doors open without TigerConnect — I haven’t lost a single patient during this time, and I wouldn’t be able to grow my business without a comprehensive solution that was HIPAA compliant.”


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The Connected Care Team Podcast


Will O’Connor, M.D. is the Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect. As a physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Will is a passionate advocate for rapid advancement across the healthcare industry.

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