Solving the “Last Mile” Problem in Healthcare with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise

Solving the “Last Mile” Problem in Healthcare with TigerFlow Enterprise

The “Last Mile Problem” is a trendy phrase most often applied to telecommunications — specifically, getting service to people’s homes. It’s important because that “last mile” defines what a customer thinks of your organization. It doesn’t matter how good your website, product selection, ordering process, or customer service is — if the product arrives late or damaged, that is all the customer will remember.

In the field of clinical communications, the last mile gap exists between the EHR system where all patient data resides and the bedside. With EHRs nearly a decade behind the mobile trend, companies like TigerText have closed the gap by developing smartphone-based applications to make data available and actionable at the point of care.

Let’s explore how this applies to healthcare.

“Moments of Truth” in Healthcare
These moments of truth have much higher stakes when it comes to healthcare. Instead of damaged products and late deliveries, we’re talking about diagnosis, treatment, communications, and the need for good healthcare outcomes. A great moment of truth often translates into a better quality of life. These moments of truth are often built around effective communication — ensuring that physicians, nurses, and other caregivers have the information they need to make decisions in the patient’s best interests.

It’s something we think about a lot at TigerText. If there’s one central thread to what we do, it’s helping you provide better medical care through enhanced clinical communications. If we can get that right, it’s easier to deliver life-changing, positive moments of truth and clinical outcomes.

Introducing TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise
Our new platform, TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise is designed to solve the last mile problem when it comes to healthcare. We believe it can transform your healthcare organization, letting you deliver higher quality care, at the moment of provision.

We built the platform alongside some of the largest health systems and hospitals in the country. We involved doctors, nurses, project managers, strategists, and thought-leaders to create software that can truly empower your staff to maximize patient outcomes.

By itself, a powerful healthcare communication platform isn’t enough — it also needs to be lightweight, easy to use, adaptable, secure, and effective. That’s why we explored exactly how hospitals and other medical providers work, then created technology to enhance every part of the healthcare process.

How TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise Can Enhance Your Healthcare Provision

So, just how can TigerText Enterprise help you deliver better care?

  • Reduced Miscommunications and Errors
    Inefficiency and miscommunication are bad for staff, patients, quality of care, and the bottom line. TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise maximizes efficiency throughout your healthcare organization.
  • Better EHR and Software Integration
    Electronic Health Records are central to how your organization manages patient and medical data. There are dozens of EHR platforms, and TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise integrates with them to optimize real-time delivery of results, images, admissions, discharges and transfers, patient requests and critical bedside alerts. TigerText is also designed to work with most existing hospital software, including nurse call systems, lab results software, and more.
  • Smart Alerts System
    TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise monitors EHR data and alerts the right people when critical updates appear in patient and case records. Quickly get alerts when diagnoses are made, treatment plans are updated, and lab results are available. Avoid alert fatigue by setting smart thresholds, ensuring the right medical experts get the right information at the right time.
  • Secure App to App Calling and Communications
    HIPAA and other regulations demand that medical and patient data is properly protected and encrypted. TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise ensures that all communications are made securely in a safe environment.
  • Improved Resource Allocation
    TigerText helps you smartly manage staff, room, and equipment allocation. This can increase patient throughput without compromising on quality of care.
  • Enhanced Patient Management
    Streamline patient admission, transfer, and discharge events. Ensure that patient consult requests go to the right people and track how effectively those consult requests are met.

This is just the start — TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro Enterprise will revolutionize how you communicate throughout your organization. A combination of smart technology, informed staff, streamlined workflows, and strong security all helps you create better moments of truth. That “Last Mile Problem” will cease to be an issue for your healthcare organization.

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