HIMSS 2018 Sneak Preview

HIMSS 2018 Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview! TigerText @ HIMSS 2018

Hard to believe, but the season of HIMSS is upon us once again. To help you prep for the ensuing deluge of new tech, ideas, and best practices, we thought we’d share a tiny peek of what you can expect to see when you stop by the TigerText booth (#4254).

The past 12 months have been transformational here at TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard as we doubled down on the technology that powers our clinical communications and collaboration capabilities. From our product to implementation, our entire team has been intensely building toward a new concept we’re calling the Clinical Connection Hub.

HIMSS Demo Exclusive: The Clinical Connection Hub

The Clinical Connection Hub is where all of your systems of record – EHRs, PACS, LIMS, scheduling, you name it – merge with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro’s system of action on a single, centralized communication platform. Critical patient information, intelligently routed by hospital role and chief complaint, seamlessly converged with care team conversations in real time on your smartphone. Nothing to look up, nothing to chase down. Just relevant, timely, and contextual information that gets pushed to you based on your shift assignment and what’s happening with the patient in that moment.

How exactly does it work? Easier to show than to tell, which is why we’ve put together five critical use cases that we’ll be demo’ing throughout HIMSS so you can see up close how next-level clinical communication can transform the way you work. Unlike generic, old-fashioned secure texting, this new model is tailored to the :

  • EMS Response – Learn how EMTs can send advanced information from the field to help activate the appropriate trauma teams based on chief complaint.
  • STEMI – Cut precious minutes from door-to-balloon times by pre-activating your Cardiac response team so STAT labs and operating room prep happen the moment a patient arrives.
  • Stroke – Discover how automated EHR alerts help Radiology, Neurology and Pharmacy teams coordinate to deliver door-to-needle treatments in way under the 90-minute CMS threshold.
  • Sepsis – See how automated bedside alerts and intelligent message routing can thwart sepsis before septic shock sets in.
  • Discharge – Patients want to go home. And you, the staff, want them to go home (at the appropriate time, of course). TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro makes both parties happy by making it easier to coordinate DME, EVS, Pharmacy, Transport and everyone else to speed up the time from bed to curb.

So that’s a quick snapshot on the product side of what you’ll see when you visit us at HIMSS.

A New Wave of Capabilities

Behind these use cases is a complex network of algorithms and integrations that handle the tricky task of balancing technology and clinical process with user behavior into a single, unified solution. To achieve this, our Product teams dug deep to develop a contextual understanding of the way care is delivered, zeroing in on the hidden hurdles that sap time, energy and focus from a team’s efforts, which quietly add up to chronic delays and unnecessary costs.

By applying design thinking and incorporating user feedback from dozens of hospitals, our technology teams entered the development process armed with a detailed and well-documented understanding of what information mattered most to whom and when. This produced a new set of technologies and nomenclature previously unseen in the field of clinical communications.

Starting with outcomes in mind, our teams worked backward to define the capabilities needed to achieve these outcomes. This next-level innovation required components and capabilities that advance far beyond the limits of standard texting.

Dynamic Care Team Assignment – This EHR-configured integration automates care team assignments based on the type of chief complaint from the moment a patient is admitted.

Automated Persona Management – Merge your scheduling system with role assignments, making any on-call staff member instantly reachable by role (e.g. On-Call Cardiologist) using text or VoIP-enabled calling.

Shift-to-Shift Activity Handoffs – Preserve continuity of care with conversations that persist from one shift to the next, organized by role, including context around the patient’s condition, treatment recommendations, results, attached images, and more.

Intelligent Shift-Based Routing – Real-time messages reach the correct role owner throughout a shift while shielding off-duty staff members from errant calls or messages.

Escalation Rules – Instantly reroute messages that go unread based on a pre-programmed hierarchy of alternate on-call clinicians; fully configurable by IT.

Task List Continuity – Tasks related to a particular patient link directly to a patient’s care team or specific roles that persist across shifts and departments. New shift owners can pick up where the prior owner left off, ensuring no tasks are forgotten or miscommunicated.

So that’s a preview of what you can expect when you stop by the TigerText booth at HIMSS next week in Las Vegas. For those not lucky enough to make it to Vegas, we invite you to schedule a live demo that you can enjoy from the comfort of your desk, which showcases these same capabilities.

See you at HIMSS!

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