Enhance HIPAA Compliance with Secure Texting and PIN Lock

Being able to enhance HIPAA compliance with secure texting and PIN lock is one of the primary reasons why TigerText´s secure messaging app has been so successful. The PIN lock feature on the TigerText app promotes administrative control to manage usage of the app and ensures that authorized users are using the app in compliance with HIPAA and organizational policies implemented to prevent a breach of ePHI.

How PIN Lock Enhances HIPAA Compliance

PIN lock is a feature on TigerText´s secure messaging app which prevents third parties from accessing any ePHI that may have been retrieved or communicated on a mobile device belonging to an authorized user. PIN locks are set by the system administrator and work by the device requesting a PIN number each time an authorized user logs into the secure messaging platform to access securely sent texts or ePHI.

In the event that a personal mobile device is lost, stolen, disposed of – or if the authorized user is found to be in breach of organizational policies – the administrator can prevent ePHI or any messages containing ePHI from being accessed by remotely changing the PIN number.

The PIN lock function enables healthcare organizations to enhance HIPAA compliance and is just one of the many security features integrated into TigerText´s secure messaging app that can prevent a breach of ePHI.

Further Security Features of TigerText´s Secure Messaging App

In addition to the advanced authentication mechanisms, TigerText´s secure messaging app also includes further security features to enhance compliance with the HIPAA technical and administrative safeguards.

Secure text messages are tightly encapsulated and can be configured to travel only within a defined private network. Texts can be assigned pre-determined “lifespans” or set to delete automatically, and administrators have the option to “remote wipe” mobile devices when a potential breach of ePHI is identified.

The TigerText secure messaging SaaS-70 Type II platform has account monitoring in place and produces access reports and audit logs enabling administrators to oversee user activity. Alternatively, TigerText can provide clients with a direct feed of all message activity from our servers.

Enhance HIPAA Compliance with Secure Texting and PIN Lock

These security features are just a few benefits of TigerText´s secure messaging app – which has now been implemented in more than 4,000 medical facilities. Case studies have shown that in addition to enhancing HIPAA compliance, the use of TigerText´s secure messaging platform has enhanced workflows, increased efficiency and raised the standard of patient care.

If you would like further information on how to enhance HIPAA compliance with PIN lock and secure texting, please do not hesitate to contact us to request a free demo on how TigerText´s secure messaging platform can prevent potential breaches of ePHI.

Will O’Connor, M.D. is TigerConnect’s Chief Medical Information Officer. He’s an industry-known physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience focused on operations, strategic planning, consulting, client delivery, and thought leadership across the healthcare industry.