The Digital Divide: Going Mobile in Healthcare

The Digital Divide: Going Mobile in Healthcare

Who do you know that’s not using a mobile device today? Are there folks who don’t rely on a mobile device to stay connected? In his piece in Tincture, Dr. Michael Docktor writes about “Going Mobile in Healthcare,” aptly recognizing that although most healthcare workers use smartphones daily for communicating with friends and family around the world, hailing cabs, or playing PokemonGO, at work they “peck away at keyboards and stare at desktop computers with painfully designed user experiences.” In an environment where speed is so incredibly critical, it’s surprising that nurses and physicians are still reliant on outdated tools like pagers, clipboards, and phone calls.

It’s time to bridge the divide.

Healthcare providers are finally recognizing that meticulous design and seamless mobile access must also exist in their space in order to improve patient care. Established companies catering to the healthcare industry recognized the need to adapt and innovate; newcomers like TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard identified an opportunity to affect change in healthcare by presenting a solution that would not only improve care but also operational efficiencies through increased productivity, superior case management, and risk mitigation.

Leveraging new technology will alleviate numerous challenges that exist in today’s clinical settings relating to communication workflows and patient treatment. New tools equate to lower readmission rates, reduced wait times, and better care for patients; they bring physicians and nurses together quicker, and allow orders to be submitted faster; modern technologies ultimately save time and money.

In closing, and to quote Dr. Docktor, “the return on investment is increasingly compelling…having a mobile strategy…will be an increasingly essential part of running a healthcare organization.”

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