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  • Wendy White

    Joining a Team that’s Driving Meaningful, Much-Needed Change in Healthcare


    The technology industry, where I have spent my entire career, is in the business of selling solutions – solving business-related challenges like helping a company process forms more efficiently or making end-users more productive. I have loved being a part...

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  • Julie S. Grenuk, RN, MS, RCC / Nurse Executive

    5 [Totally Avoidable] Reasons Nursing Teamwork Suffers


    Teamwork is an essential part of the nursing profession and is vital to effective patient care. Nurses must establish a connection with not only their fellow nurses, but also other members of the care team, such as physicians, physical therapists,...

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  • Will O'Connor M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect

    Ensuring Successful Covid Vaccine Communication


    Covid-19 vaccinations are the most powerful resource we have for mitigating the devastating effects of the pandemic. The underlying concern, however, is that vaccine benefits are 100 percent reliant on society’s support; health systems cannot intervene without the public’s participation....

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  • Will O'Connor M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect

    HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Transforms Care Collaboration


    Communication shortcomings and lack of security measures have hindered healthcare for decades. While digital technology revolutionizes clinical communications, it can also threaten patient privacy. Over the last three years, 93 percent of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach, and...

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Heather Preece, founder and Executive Director at Kodiak Kindness, believes that boosting a parent's confidence can have impact that lasts the lifetime of a child.

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Heather Preece, Kodiak Kindness founder and Executive Director, discusses how TigerConnect enables Kodiak Kindness to provide ongoing support to their community.

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