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  • TigerText Investment to Tighten Up Messaging Security

    By: Nicole Lewis | February 9, 2012 (Featured on Information Week)

    TigerText Inc., a provider of security software for text messaging used by physicians on their mobile devices, recently announced that it received $8.2 million in venture capital investments, bringing the company’s total backing to more than $10 million.

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  • TigerText secures more than $8 million in new funding, adds veteran life-sciences and technology investors to its board

    TigerText secures more than $8 million in new funding, adds veteran life-sciences and technology investors to its board Feb. 2, 2012 (Santa Monica, CA) — TigerText Inc., the leading provider of secure mobile messaging for healthcare enterprises, has completed a second...

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  • TigerText Introduces New Mobile Privacy Network

    TigerText has introduced new texting technology for smartphones, which allows senders anywhere in the world to determine how long their communication lives on the Network, along with the mobile devices of both sender and recipient.

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  • In Face of JCAHO Ban of Physician Texting TigerText Says, “Yes You Can”

    November 17, 2011 (Los Angeles) – The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which provides accreditation for more than 19,000 hospitals, this week said it was “not acceptable” for medical professionals to communicate patient information via text message. TigerText, the global leader in private and controlled mobile messaging applications and platform solutions, hailed the decision by JCAHO as a firm step toward stopping doctors, nurses, and hospitals from the dangerous HIPAA violations often associated with unsecured messaging.

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  • Physician and Hospital Texting Is on the Rise

    October 12, 2011 (Los Angeles) – Physicians and hospital staffs are using smartphones in ever-increasing numbers. In a survey of customers, TigerText, the leader in HIPAA compliant mobile messaging, has found that 73% of physicians are sending work-related text messages.

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  • HIPAA Texting: Safe, Easy, and Compliant

    September 21, 2011 (New York) – The Institute for Health Technology Transformation has announced it will be conducting a webinar to educate health care professionals and managers about the dangers of non-HIPAA compliant text messaging and the ways that both hospitals and physicians can protect themselves without sacrificing convenience and speed –or patient PHI. The webinar is titled “HIPAA Texting – What Are You and Your Hospital Doing?” and will take place on Sept. 27, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. EST.

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  • TigerText and Manage Mobility Partner to Provide HIPAA Compliant Mobile Solution

    September 1, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) – TigerText, the global leader in private and controlled mobile messaging applications and platform solutions, today announced a partnership with Manage Mobility, the award-winning, national telecommunications management, and logistics firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia. The partnership will allow Manage Mobility to offer its diverse group of Healthcare, Financial and Retail services customers TigerText’s unique solution to the growing privacy risk inherent in mobile messaging communication.

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  • TigerText Disposes of ‘Sender’s Remorse’ with New Privacy and Control Features for SMS

    TigerText, a company that adds a bevy of privacy settings and controls to SMS, is today launching a new app for iOS that aims to preserve the social nature of group messaging while giving the sender complete control over their messages both in group and one-to-one conversations.

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  • App Eliminates Text Messaging ‘Remorse’

    Ever send a text message and instantly regret it? A new app for the iPhone lets users not only immediately pull back those text messages, but set a lifespan — even down to seconds — for how long a message is viewable. It’s called TigerText — and yes, even though the company has said it’s not named for Tiger Woods, the poster child for regrettable text messages, it certainly hasn’t been hurt by the name.

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  • TigerText, Others Develop Mobile Security around SMS

    A recent survey shows that 93 percent of mobile users have sent a text message to the wrong person, and some of these messages are too private to be sent to others. It is for this reason that startup TigerText is launching a new iOS application that assimilates social nature in group messaging.

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  • TigerText iOS App Allows You to Recall and Destroy Text Messages after Sending

    If you would like a little more control over your text messages on your iOS device you might be pleased to hear that Tigertext has this week launched a new iOS texting application, which provides more privacy controls than standard methods.

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  • TigerText Secures (And Erases) Your Text Messages

    TigerText Secures (And Erases) Your Text Messages By: Tomio Geron | June 15, 2011 (Featured on Forbes) TigerText got a flood of publicity when it launched last year because it was described as a mobile app that you can use...

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