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As the healthcare industry prepares for 2023, the adoption rate of healthcare technology will continue to accelerate – particularly clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms. In 2022, our CC&C resources overwhelmingly resonated with readers. From guidance on finding the best solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes to tips on improving patient handoffs, CC&C was on our readers’ minds.  

Revisit the top 5 clinical communication and collaboration blogs TigerConnect readers found valuable this year. 

5 Considerations for Choosing a Clinical Collaboration Platform 

Determining whether or not a platform is right for your organization may seem like a daunting task. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of features and capabilities. The clinical collaboration platform your organization chooses is an important decision, so it’s critical to weigh all options. In this blog, we explore the most important considerations when vetting a clinical communication and collaboration vendor. 

Transforming Care Delivery with Modern Healthcare Technology 

Healthcare technology has evolved over time to help care teams complete more complex tasks. However, care teams are also communicating through multiple solutions, and information has become siloed by different systems. Our report, The State of Healthcare Communications, reveals how fractured communication has impacted care delivery. Nearly half of the survey respondents indicated that the healthcare industry is behind in adopting modern communication tools – which has led to fractured care team communication. 

How Healthcare Communication Disconnects Impact Patient Outcomes 

All too often, care team members experience communication disconnects that can prevent them from providing the safe and effective care patients need and deserve. Often, communication disconnects can cascade along clinical workflows, impacting care team coordination and ultimately patient safety. Fortunately, modern CC&C solutions enable care teams to communicate in near-real-time across multiple healthcare settings and providers. 

How Medical Systems Solve Clinical Workflow Challenges with TigerConnect Roles and Teams 

Effective patient care requires exemplary communication and care collaboration. The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Pro can help streamline clinical workflows, improve care team communication, and improve patient outcomes. In this blog, we explore how the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) uses TigerConnect Roles and Teams to accelerate care collaboration. 

How to Leverage Communication and Data to Improve Patient Handoffs 

Healthcare organizations can reduce risks during patient handoffs by combining real-time clinical communication with in-depth patient data and trends. Whether transferring care from shift to shift or transferring patients to another facility, clear communication during patient handoffs is essential. This blog explores four strategies to streamline patient handoffs, close healthcare communication gaps, and ensure efficient care transitions. 

Now, you’re all caught up on how TigerConnect supports better care team collaboration and streamlines clinical workflows. Read the latest eBook: When Every Second Matters: Guide to Speeding Critical Response Workflows to learn more about the benefits of a clinical communication and collaboration platform.

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