UMMC Tackles Clinical Consultation Challenges with Role-Based Messaging

Extended treatment times, overburdened healthcare professionals, and fractured communications are just a few challenges facing today’s complex healthcare system. Healthcare professionals are also plagued with long delays in clinical consultations. Accurate, prompt clinical consultations are essential to patient care. The process is often challenged by out-of-date on-call schedules, back-and-forth phone calls, and unreturned messages. Lengthy delays add unnecessary complexities for providers and patients alike – leading to delayed treatment and unnecessary burdens to providers. 

That’s why many providers, including the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), are turning to role-based messaging to support faster consult turnaround times.

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Expedite Communication and Trigger Urgent Actions with TigerConnect

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UMMC Diagnoses Cure for Clinical Consultations 

UMMC serves more than 120,000 patients annually across 4,600 physicians and 13 hospitals. With so many stakeholders, clinical collaboration was a key issue facing the facility’s stroke rehabilitation services. At UMMC, seamless consultations across their multi-disciplinary care team members are paramount to patient care. The health system’s care team includes various roles, including admissions, nursing, physicians, and specialists from radiology, surgery, and rehabilitation. 

UMMC realized that cross-departmental siloed communication could result in treatment gaps and limit the number of patients treated. That’s when the health system turned to role-based messaging from TigerConnect. 

TigerConnect: Role-Based Messaging for Faster Consults 

For providers like UMMC, one of the most critical pieces of collaboration is the ability to connect with the right person or group based on role and shift schedule – helping ensure the proper person is contacted quickly and reducing the time needed to find the proper person. With the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform, UMMC can use TigerConnect Roles and Teams to efficiently find the right person at the right time to provide operational consistency across all roles and teams – streamlining workflows, improving response times, and enabling more timely clinical consultations. 

So how does it work? Directly from the TigerConnect app, providers can easily search for the right on-call specialist and message the role without knowing the specialist’s name. This allows the provider and on-call specialist to easily message about patient information, initiate a voice or video call if necessary, or safely view and share critical patient data. The provider can also initiate a group message with additional stakeholders via the application – quickly collaborating across the larger clinical team. Consults happen seamlessly by connecting with pre-defined yet customizable roles or teams – all of whom can be alerted and mobilized at once to coordinate care. 

TigerConnect Roles and Teams for consultations makes it possible for UMMC to save time and streamline patient consults. Detailed patient information can be shared with on-call specialists via HIPAA-compliant messaging, significantly reducing delays in patient treatment and minimizing clinical disruptions and distractions by locating the right person on call at once. With TigerConnect, UMMC achieved smoother consultations, faster referrals, and seamless collaboration across all healthcare stakeholders, including the patient. 

Role-Based Messaging – a Game Changer 

As Dr. Jared W. Reaves, MD, FAAPMR, medical director of IT and Informatics at UMMC, notes, the ability to drive seamless clinical communication and collaboration with TigerConnect has truly been a “game-changer” for UMMC. Teams can be connected, consulted, and mobilized efficiently, ultimately driving better treatments and easily sharing workloads across providers. 

Interested in learning more about how TigerConnect transformed clinical communication and collaboration at UMMC? Watch the on-demand webinar – to see the power of role-based messaging in action. 

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