Resident physicians are essential to everyday clinical workflows. They not only ensure continuity of care but also provide front-line support for understaffed care teams across the organization. With such an important role in the success of care delivery, other providers and staff need to know which resident physician is available to support workflows from emergent situations to post-acute care. 

Unfortunately, the continued use of outdated and inefficient resident scheduling methods makes it challenging for health systems and their staff to have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of daily on-call rosters when searching for the on-duty or on-call resident. In addition to a lack of reliability, resident program managers and chief residents are spending hundreds of hours per academic year creating and managing their resident schedules. This is not the best use of their time. 

These were the challenges our customers were facing. To address these challenges, we announced the early access release of TigerConnect Resident Scheduling in 2022.  

During our early access, we made significant improvements and updates based on feedback and participation from major academic institutions. We wanted to not only help chief residents save time creating schedules but to create a scalable solution that helps centralize provider schedules in a modern, easy-to-use solution that is accessible to all. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are delivering on that mission with the general availability release of TigerConnect Resident Scheduling.  

TigerConnect Resident Scheduling was built to help optimize clinical workflows by helping health systems: 

  • Create one source of truth by centralizing attending and resident schedules in a digital, easy-to-access view for the entire health system with TigerConnect Physician Scheduling and TigerConnect Resident Scheduling 
  • Empower chief residents and program managers to create schedules faster – no spreadsheets or archaic systems needed 
  • Generate fair and equitable resident rotation and daily assignments 
  • Reach the right resident at all times when integrating with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration 

See it in action with this demo of TigerConnect Resident Scheduling:

Interested in more information? Schedule a demo to see how you can create resident rotation and daily assignment schedules faster with TigerConnect Resident Scheduling. 

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