At TigerConnect, we are committed to enabling our clients with the communication tools they need to provide the best patient care. We keep that at the forefront of our minds in every aspect of what we do. And on our journey to transform and modernize care collaboration for doctors, nurses, care teams, and patients, TigerConnect has experienced a period of high growth and expansion.

We acquired two companies and expanded our product portfolio. With this, we felt a real urgency to optimize how we approached the market to ensure we could best serve customers today while also planning for the future.

There are a lot of moving parts that required us to make sure everyone from the executive leadership to our front line managers to the BDRs were aligned to our go-to-market execution plan. Following our two acquisitions, we reexamined our ideal customer profiles ( ICP) and how to organize our sales team to best engage with the ICPs. Our entire team was chomping at the bit to hit the ground running.

Forrester led our leadership team through an exercise to assess our process. We compiled information and various perspectives from across the team to get clarity on all the moving parts. With this insight, we created our plan and moved quickly to expand our portfolio to meet the needs of our evolving ICPs and develop a new way to sell.

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Our sales process is complex so we structured our sales organization to empower them, giving them a level of authority and accountability. Therefore it was imperative to identify the right people to join our team. Everyone on our team believes in our mission and has developed their own cadence which aligns with Forrester’s recommendations.

We’ve incorporated monthly strategic reviews of top identified deals tracking toward yearly goals as well as weekly tactical meetings all contributing to a more robust pipeline. As a result, we have realized better win rates and increased our average deal size.

Looking towards the future, we have started to adopt a RevOps approach with our executive team. We will work collaboratively to implement best practices around instrumenting and measuring the entire go-to-market strategy for continuous improvement and growth.

We are honored that Forrester has recognized TigerConnect for our team’s hard work and dedication as well as our vision of growth and expansion.

Our SVP of Sales, Harish Panchal, will be sharing our story at Forrester’s B2B Summit on Thursday, May 6 from 1-1:30 p.m. ET. We hope to see you there. Register today if you are interested in attending the virtual event.

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