A New Place for TigerConnect Customers to Gather, Network, and Share Best Practices

We are excited to launch TigerConnect Community, your new online resource and knowledge-sharing site. Exclusively for you, our TigerConnect end-users, this online support community is a central place for healthcare professionals to access fresh content by industry experts, healthcare IT professionals, clinical leaders, product users, and more.

Implementing a clinical communication and collaboration solution often comes with a steep learning curve. Your team may be looking for best practices so they can hit the ground running versus researching a new solution.

As a company specializing in healthcare communication and collaboration, it seemed only natural for us to provide an online support community for our clients to share resources and easily collaborate around our products.

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At a Glance

TigerConnect Community is where healthcare professionals can improve care collaboration strategies while picking up tips and tricks from recognized thought leaders and visionaries. In other words, a community of industry experts joining together to shape the future of healthcare communication.

Through TigerConnect Community, our end-users can connect and network with others in the healthcare space within organizations across the country. TigerConnect Community creates an outlet for all TigerConnect users to communicate, collaborate, and grow.

A New Way to Connect

With TigerConnect Community, we’re opening up the floor for new information exchange, experiences, use cases, videos, helpful guides, and more, all to create value and a deeper connection for our TigerConnect users.

TigerConnect Community Benefits Users By:

  • Creating engagement and community support
  • Offering unique, relevant, and meaningful perspectives
  • Sharing purpose, best practices, and goals

Let’s look at what features encompass TigerConnect Community and what users can expect from our new platform.

Training and Resources

We want our end-users to feel supported, heard, and empowered. That’s why we’re providing the correct answers to their complex questions, use cases, and scenarios.

The resources within TigerConnect Community revolve around how to use our products and all the ways TigerConnect workflows resolve issues. TigerConnect Community provides our clients with a platform to see how other clients are solving similar problems through TigerConnect. Our new TigerConnect Community helps bring our clients together to learn, evolve, and share.

The resources found within TigerConnect Community are beneficial for TigerConnect clients who need a product refresher, have new team members joining their organization, or want to learn more about our products.

Have questions? TigerConnect Community has answers. Built for new users and seasoned pros alike, the platform includes an ever-growing knowledge base of vital training materials and a searchable database of resources, new content, and more.

Networking and Connecting

Whether you have general questions about the platform or come across unique challenges, your team needs answers right away. TigerConnect Community will help you quickly resolve real problems with the help of real people.

Our users can connect with key members of the TigerConnect team in areas like client success and technical support, as well as each other. Users can also share tips, get inspired, and receive help from fellow TigerConnect Community members.

Providing a platform like TigerConnect Community gives our clients a forum to share how they currently use our products to solve clinical and operational problems and how other clients have approached ED throughput or Sepsis reductions. TigerConnect has also ramped up our educational tools and solution-focused workflows to support continued evolution and value with our solutions.

What They’re Saying

“Hi and thanks for the invite! St. Luke’s University Health Network consists of 12 hospitals, 300+ outpatient facilities, 200+ physician offices, 18 urgent care centers, 50+ physical therapy sites, and has 16,000+ employees and 1,900+ providers… With the Covid pandemic, we had a huge opportunity to reorg and develop a new team where I now serve as the Senior Clinical Communications and Telehealth Specialist. I’m looking forward to sharing experience and learning from other members of the community!”

“My name is Susan Publicover and I am the Business Analyst/System Manager for TigerConnect. We just went live with TigerConnect Scheduling (woohoo) for our Hospitalist and APP providers. Our Providers love TigerConnect and keep finding more ways to use it and expand it out to others in our org. I am excited about joining this community and learning how others use this wonderful product.”

“I’m Susan Buck, I work as an IT Technician II for Evergreen Health in Buffalo, NY. Our organization is just starting to use TigerConnect Patient Engagement. Before that, we only used TigerConnect internally to communicate with each other. We are looking forward to using the new application in June when we get everything in order. I’m hoping this community will be a great place to learn from others.”

“My name is Angela Leonzi, I am the Vice President of Patient Care Services for Stratford VNA in Stratford, CT. My home care agency has been a long-time TigerConnect user. It is integral to our daily communication within our agency. I am looking forward to connecting with everyone on this new Community. Great Idea!”

“I am Kathie, Clinical Analyst IT RN. TigerConnect has worked wonderfully at our facility for physician and clinician communication within our facility. TigerConnect Patient Engagement has also been useful in communication for telehealth in our clinic. Always encouraging to hear how others are using the TigerConnect product and share our processes as well.”

“Hi, My name is Tammy. I am a Clinical Analyst at an 88-bed hospital in rural South Georgia. I love the Tiger product and hope we can all learn from each other. I am glad we have a place to inspire and be inspired! Thanks!”

“I am Dana Burnside IT Manager for Hospice of the North Coast. This is cool so far! I like how you are expanding. :)”

“I am Mark Latham – Sr. Applications Support Analyst for Centura Health of Colorado & Kansas.

We have been a TigerConnect client for a long time but now are looking to upgrade to the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Advanced product with Eventide Voice Recorders & Cisco and Oracle and more.”

“My name is Christina Schneider, Community Engagement Manager and Jack-Of-All-Trades for Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado. We adopted the TigerConnect platform in 2019 and it has been a game-changer for communication with our caregivers and other care providers using TigerConnect. Our caregivers feel highly connected and supported by our internal office team thanks to the way we do business on TC. We utilize groups around clients for each care team so they are able to share updates and critical information around the care being provided. In an industry where these employees are a “lone wolf”, it provides a sense of togetherness that they do not typically experience. We are so thankful for this solution! And I am super happy to be here!”

“I am a neurologist who practices full-time telemedicine with Specialists on Call. I have had a longstanding belief that efficient communication is about 80% of the problem in healthcare and I love TigerConnect. The ability to multitask, not rely on phone calls (you can only make one call at a time), and to message the attending physicians or mid-levels and/or nurses in the ED or the floor is a total transformation for virtual care and telemedicine. I have lots of use cases to share about how it has impacted specific situations.” – Andrew Barbash, MD, Neurology

Join the Conversation

At TigerConnect, we care about our vital clinical workers, IT staff, and everyone committed to moving healthcare forward. Seamless collaboration is the most critical ingredient toward delivering quality care, and we hope that this community site helps you improve the way teams collaborate at your organization.

If you’re a current TigerConnect user, we invite you to check out the TigerConnect Community and introduce yourself! Take a look around, and please feel free to share your feedback.

If you’re not yet a TigerConnect customer, we invite you to learn more by requesting a demo. For more ways to stay connected, check us out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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