Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become the primary source of patient data in the healthcare system, but they were not designed to facilitate efficient communication between healthcare professionals. Although EHRs are instrumental in maintaining patient records and billing purposes, they have limited functionality. Using EHRs for clinical communication can lead to disruptions, slow workflows, and fragmented communication among healthcare team members, ultimately endangering patient care. 

Today’s healthcare delivery is shaped by legacy IT systems, information-blocking practices, and other data integration issues that have created siloed workflows that can impede care delivery. By limiting access to critical patient data and information, these disjointed systems can cause significant gaps in care that lead to inconsistencies in the quality of care provided. To address this problem, healthcare organizations must integrate their EHR systems with a clinical communication and collaboration platform to ensure seamless communication between providers and departments to optimize care delivery and outcomes. 

One integrated clinical communication platform can provide immense value to healthcare organizations. By connecting people, processes, and systems, a well-designed platform can streamline workflows and communication, leading to more efficient and effective healthcare delivery. Despite the potential challenges for larger organizations, investing in the right technology can enable healthcare providers to integrate care processes and ensure secure data access for all stakeholders, ultimately improving patient outcomes. 

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Improve Patient Engagement With a Collaborative Communication Platform

Discover How One Platform Can Streamline Care Delivery 

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform streamlines communication through messaging, video conferencing, task management, file sharing, data interoperability, and real-time alerting capabilities. In addition, comprehensive clinical information from multiple sources can be accessed quickly and securely to optimize care team coordination and patient outcomes. 

TigerConnect is reliable, secure, cloud-based, and supports data interoperability by providing APIs that allow for the integration of legacy systems into modernized workflows. By leveraging the platform’s intuitive user interface, caregivers can access comprehensive clinical information from multiple sources quickly and securely, optimizing care team coordination and patient outcomes. In addition, with its real-time alerting capability, TigerConnect ensures actionable notifications are delivered across specified channels to ensure high-quality care is provided in a timely manner. 

By leveraging the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration platform, healthcare organizations can increase efficiency and ease the workload associated with managing daily operations, allowing them to optimize productivity and reduce paperwork. In addition, providers can also: 

  • Consolidate vendors 
  • Bridge EHR gaps and keep providers connected 
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of clinical workflows 
  • Streamline communication across multiple channels 
  • Enhance collaboration via EHR integration 

Watch a 15-minute demo, “5 IT Challenges Solved with CC&C,” to discover how an integrated communication platform from TigerConnect can help healthcare organizations overcome the challenges of disparate, legacy IT systems, carve out overhead that impedes care delivery, and leverage technology to close information gaps to create a more efficient and effective work environment.

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