Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are essential for providing long-term care and support for patients with complex health needs. However, despite the critical role they play, SNFs can face communication challenges that impact patient and family satisfaction. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, communication barriers are a significant challenge to patient and family engagement in SNFs. The study found that only 40% of family members reported that they were frequently or always involved in care planning meetings, and 29% reported that they were frequently or always informed about changes in their loved one’s condition.  

In today’s healthcare landscape, technology has become an essential tool to improve patient care and satisfaction. The use of mobile devices, virtual care, and messaging applications is becoming more prevalent in healthcare settings, as they allow for efficient communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, patients, and their families. Many modern skilled nursing facilities are using clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms to improve communication and patient and family satisfaction. With CC&C, skilled nursing facilities can provide a more patient-centered care environment that promotes healing and improves the overall healthcare experience for patients and their families.  

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Streamlining skilled nursing communication with CC&C 

One of the key benefits of CC&C platforms is that they facilitate easy and secure messaging. This means that healthcare providers can communicate with each other in real time, ensuring that everyone is informed and up to date on the patient’s care plan. Patients and their families can also communicate with their healthcare providers, sharing their concerns and preferences, and receiving updates on their care plans. 

Robust CC&C platforms allow providers to securely communicate via text, video, and voice calls and share patient information, such as test results, care plans, and discharge instructions. This promotes seamless care coordination and prevents errors and delays in patient care.

Bridge communication gaps in skilled nursing facilities with patient engagement 

Families want to feel informed, involved, and confident in the care their loved one receives. However, communication barriers between patients, families, and care teams can often lead to frustration and confusion, particularly when family members are remote or don’t have the means to visit the patient. That’s where patient engagement solutions come in. Robust patient engagement tools can keep families better informed about their loved one’s care with routine updates through secure messaging instead of missed phone calls and voicemails.  

Additionally, multiple family members can receive updates through group messages, ensuring that information is clearly communicated to all family members at the same time. This saves caregivers time from having to relay information to each family member and eliminates communication gaps and delays. 

Enhancing patient and family satisfaction with TigerConnect 

Combined, the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform and TigerConnect Patient Engagement can significantly enhance patient and family satisfaction in skilled nursing facilities by promoting open communication. With TigerConnect, skilled nursing facilities can boost patient and family engagement, improve communication, and provide better care for their patients. Empowering patients and families helps healthcare providers create a collaborative and transparent care experience. Schedule a demo to learn how TigerConnect can benefit your skilled nursing facility today. 

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