Doctors’ offices, clinics, urgent care facilities, and other medical outposts are the front lines of healthcare. That’s where patients have most of their regular interactions with caregivers. Efforts to transform relationships between healthcare consumers and the industry at large must encompass these frontline operations – often organized as small businesses – where day-to-day patient interactions occur. TigerConnect focuses on these providers with clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions. 

Doctor’s offices and outpatient care facilities encounter the same coordination issues as a large hospital. They have nurses, physicians, administrators, and other support staff even if there are no long hallways to run down. They also have their own processes for patient intake and discharge that involve multiple roles in the workflow. Uniquely, though, they also need connections to those larger affiliated hospitals. So, their communications need to extend beyond their four walls smoothly. 

And all of this must be HIPAA compliant. That regulatory requirement eliminates some common messaging solutions designed for corporate environments and industries that do not have the same regulatory demands as healthcare. To ensure proper compliance and security, look for a scalable solution built with healthcare in mind. 

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The Collaboration Platform Built for Healthcare

CC&C Solutions That Scale 

Clinical communication and collaboration platforms span the needs of physician group practices, acute care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, to hospitals. As the name implies, these platforms help your staff securely communicate and collaborate within your office and with outside providers, facilities, and hospitals. The platform enables your team to refer patients, get external consults, and keep abreast of your patient discharge and care plan. For example, if your practice needs to communicate regularly with your network hospital, a CC&C solution may facilitate secure messaging with specialists, nurses, and support staff. 

Such features as role-based communication can speed connections among staff without working down a list. The system can also be used to send appointment reminders, securely send lab results, initiate a virtual call, and other patient interactions.  

Cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration solutions are easier to deploy, require less capital upfront, and can scale as your practice grows. It also creates a solution that can effectively be anywhere, requiring only a network connection. TigerConnect can also extend your reach beyond the four walls of your office by interfacing with your affiliated hospital’s CC&C system through Application Programming Interfaces (API) or adding key hospital personnel as users. Often, a hospital might use the same platform for convenience and to avoid capital expenses. APIs can also enable links to other applications, such as scheduling systems, to further coordinate care. 

TigerConnect has the internal engineering capability to make these integrations and connections for you. We also train your team so that everyone is up and running with enhanced workflows quickly. TigerConnect can integrate additional modules to tailor the platform to your needs, such as TigerConnect Patient Engagement, allowing you to maintain secure, compliant communication with patients. We also offer integrated scheduling, streamlining physician and staff scheduling within the same platform. 


The doctor’s office is often where the patient’s journey starts through the healthcare system. CC&C platforms can enhance the workflows within that office, urgent care facilities, or even skilled-nursing centers and integrate them with affiliated hospitals. Choosing a cloud-based CC&C solution will deliver benefits from HIPAA compliance, ease of implementation, and the provider’s capabilities. 

Are you ready to understand what a CC&C platform can do for your practice? Let’s talk.

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