For years, physicians and hospitals have relied on hard copies, charts, and paper notes to keep track of patients and treatments. Yellow sticky notes, clipboard charts, and whiteboards were often the go-to method for storing and sharing data. But the emergence of big data and advanced healthcare technology has changed everything. 

The initial adoption of digital information in the industry came from EHRs – making it easier for doctors and hospitals to access medical information. But storing and reading data can only take you so far. True power comes when you can share and collaborate by integrating EHRs with other technologies like clinical communication and collaboration.

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Diagnosing the Cure for Effective Communication

A clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform is one of the most effective tools to improve patient care, save time and resources, and boost patient satisfaction. They enable clinicians to communicate and collaborate on patient care across the healthcare ecosystem, speeding up care decisions. Integration across CC&C platforms and EHRs allows patients and care teams to communicate via a single platform. Care teams can access real-time data securely to aid in decision-making and fast treatment. 

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform optimizes hospital workflows for improved productivity, profitability, and patient outcomes. The platform unifies team collaboration while remaining fully secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant. Role-based scheduling is fully integrated for faster access to the right clinician. The flexible, cloud-based messaging solution goes beyond texting to leverage role assignments ensuring that the right providers receive the right message at the right time. 

Leveraging Healthcare Technology for Better Patient Care

Patient care is no longer a one-on-one proposition. As they say, “it takes a village,” and healthcare is no exception. Patients often see multiple members of a care team – from primary care physicians to specialists and surgeons. The ability to share ideas, leverage a broader range of experiences, and build joint care plans serve patients better. It also eases the burden of often understaffed and overworked healthcare practices. In order to improve patient safety and provide high-quality care across the continuum – communication is critical. 

Solutions like patient engagement are transforming patient communication and satisfaction. Patient engagement solutions make it easy for patients and providers to have two-way communication via secure text, video, or voice calls. Additionally, patient engagement empowers care teams to engage with patients either 1-on-1 or across a larger care team. Secure, encrypted conversations appear in an easy-to-use format while clinician-initiated sessions keep providers in total control.  

Taking the Next Step in Effective Clinical Communications

The flood of digital information and team-based treatment models have created the perfect opportunity for transformation in healthcare technology. Providers and patients must be able to harness digital communications to not only drive efficiency in the healthcare system, but also improve patient care. With clinical communications and collaboration – you’re heading in the right direction. Request a demo to learn how the full TigerConnect Collaboration suite can transform healthcare delivery at your organization.

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