What is clinical communication and collaboration?  

Clinical communication and collaboration refers to the conversations, notifications, and data sharing between staff members, units, and departments within a healthcare environment. Examples include:  

  • Physicians  
  • Nurses  
  • Medical Assistants  
  • Imaging Technicians 
  • Allied healthcare workers   
  • Environmental Services team 
  • Lab staff  
  • Case Managers  
  • Transportation teams 
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Understanding the value of clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) 

Clear and concise communication is essential for effective and optimal care collaboration for the best patient outcomes. Past healthcare communication methods involved pagers, fax machines, and landline phones. These technologies were communication upgrades when released 30+ years ago, but faster, more streamlined, user-friendly methods are now available as technology has evolved. Modern CC&C platforms enable healthcare staff to communicate in a secure HIPAA-compliant platform via text, video, or voice calls using a mobile app or browser. Real-time communication speeds up care coordination, saves time and money, and most importantly – impacts patient results.  

Improved Care Team Communication

Modern clinical communication and collaboration platforms offer one-to-one and one-to-many communication capabilities. They can also be programmed to help improve clinical workflows such as transfers and discharges or alerting an entire medical team about an emergency requiring an immediate response. Expediting communication enables clinicians to quickly and efficiently address urgent needs or complete tasks regardless of the healthcare facility size.   

For example, when a nurse is ready to discharge a patient, they can efficiently notify all the staff members involved in the discharge process with a single message. With no additional paperwork or phone calls needed– unnecessary delays are removed from the discharge process.  

Simplified Patient & Family Member Communication  

More advanced clinical collaboration platforms offer additional components which expand HIPAA-compliant communication with patients, approved family members, and external care staff.  The ability to share pre-op or post-op instructions, care videos, or host a video call with a stressed-out mother of an ill toddler is a more efficient and streamlined communication process.  In America, 85% of the population have access to a smartphone, and 98% indicate this is their preferred mode of communication. The ability to leverage the collaboration platform allows providers to engage their patient’s using their preferred communication method. Simple and personal! 

Evolution and Adoption  

Change and evolution are inevitable. There was minimal change in communication technology from the end of WWII till the early 1980s.  However, with the launch and advancement of mobile devices and more reliable wireless infrastructure, the evolution of highly advanced communication platforms tailored to an industry’s needs, has led to a digital transformation.  

Embracing faster, easier, and more secure communication seems like a “no-brainer.” Yet according to an AMA survey, only 30% of doctors have adopted some form of digital healthcare technology, and many organizations are still leveraging older and slower methods of sharing information.  

At TigerConnect, we encourage healthcare organizations and professionals to embrace change and be open to adopting new and quicker methods of engagement. Our single communication and collaboration platform with multiple integrated solutions is designed to address healthcare’s unique needs. It can improve communication, streamline operations, and directly impact your patient’s experience and care. Still not sure? TigerConnect has more than 7,000+ clients and 800,000 monthly active users with proven results. Learn more about what they already know.

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