Create and save assignments and schedules as a draft before publishing and notifying providers

Have you ever collaborated in a live Google Doc while others watched your every sentence, edit, and move? I found that this often slows down my workflows and creates a slight panic – especially when I receive comments and feedback before the document is ready for review.  

Why is this example relevant, you might ask? TigerConnect Physician Scheduling customers, specifically those creating schedules, have felt that same panic when creating schedules that weren’t quite ready for prime time. 

Until now, every assignment and schedule created was instantly viewable by others. This instant visibility is a huge benefit when you need to make changes on the fly due to a surgery that may have run over time. Or if a physician needs backup because they aren’t feeling well. In these cases, the ability to update the schedule in real-time can be a lifesaver – literally. However, schedulers also need a way to create, visualize and make edits to schedules before going live for all to see. 

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Discover the Benefits of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Creating, managing, and merging shift and on-call schedules has never been easier.

I’m excited to announce the latest feature in TigerConnect Physician Scheduling: Draft Mode. Draft Mode enables schedulers to create schedules and assignments that can be previewed for accuracy before any providers or staff can gain access.  

Where is Draft Mode available? 

  • Manual Scheduler — Schedulers can add assignments manually in their group’s month (complete) or Year View. Draft assignments will display a gray vertical bar, and live assignments will display a purple vertical bar, as shown in the image below. 
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  • Applying a Template Schedulers can create a draft schedule via the Template Scheduling builder. You can select whether to apply a template by checking or unchecking the box. 
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When your draft schedule is complete, you can publish the draft assignments individually by job and day or by publishing all draft assignments.  

Are you ready to reduce scheduling panic and improve the accuracy of your schedules? Toggle on Draft Mode and create schedules without distractions. Download the step-by-step training guide by visiting TigerConnect Community. For questions or support, contact the Client Care team.

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