KLAS Rates TigerConnect as a Top Vendor for Advanced Workflow Adoption

KLAS Rates TigerConnect as a Top Vendor for Advanced Workflow Adoption

For the sixth year, TigerConnect has been included in KLAS’ Clinical Communication Platforms Report (FKA Secure Communications) along with the top vendors in the space. In 2020, the report turns its focus to advanced user adoption across 10 key clinical workflow areas.

TigerConnect was validated as supporting the greatest breadth of workflows by advanced users, and the only vendor with 50 percent or higher adoption among those surveyed regarding nine out of 10 evaluation categories. Our platform was recognized among the top vendors for clinical support staff workflows, pre-admission workflows, and discharge and post-discharge workflows.

TigerConnect 2020 KLAS Top Vendor

KLAS’ research recognizes TigerConnect’s “nimble development for advanced users across care settings” and our ability to serve the broader healthcare market:

“TigerConnect’s solution is one of the market’s fastest-growing secure messaging solutions, with rapid adoption among ambulatory, acute care, and post-acute care facilities. Over the last several years TigerConnect has built out a broad customer base that spans the full continuum of care.”

The Evolution of Secure Communication

TigerConnect has developed a truly enterprise-grade platform by focusing on optimizing the workflows of complex healthcare organizations and leveraging our team of clinical experts. High adoption of inpatient and outpatient workflows within the health system is more than just a sign to management that their resources are being put to use. KLAS Report participants noted an abundance of improved outcomes derived from the workflows analyzed. Among the wide range of shared outcomes, notable ones include fewer phone call interruptions and overall reduction in noise, faster response times, increased patient satisfaction, and decreased length of stay.

Driving Outcomes Across the Continuum

Clinical Support Staff Workflows

“In an effort to break down additional communication barriers, [A prominent TigerConnect customer] has also rolled out the tool to many non-clinicians in areas like dietary and environmental services. The consensus among leadership was that excluding non-clinicians would be finishing the job only halfway.”

The inpatient experience is just as impacted by the efficiency and effectiveness of non-clinical workflows as it is clinical ones. Even today, there are many health systems that opt to only equip their physician or nursing staff with secure communications.

Common determinants of patient satisfaction include room turnaround times, efficient transitions of care within the hospital, and receiving food that adheres to their dietary needs. By aligning all parties within a hospital, connecting providers with support staff, and intelligently routing notifications by role and shift schedule, TigerConnect bridges the communication gap and helps ensure a smooth patient journey.

Pre-Admission Workflows

KLAS notes that TigerConnect customers experience “Improved emergency treatment via preadmission communications between EMTs and ED — used for in-flight stroke assessment” as well as “Treatment plans and surgery rooms prepared beforehand, improving care and reducing costs.”

Prior to a patient being admitted, teams must prepare for the patient’s arrival and ensuing care. Both physicians and nurses within the ED department need immediate access to patient information and the ability to reference it while collaborating with the rest of the care team.

TigerConnect’s EHR integration pulls vital patient information into the care team conversation eliminating the need to jump back and forth to the patient record. Our pre-admission workflow enhancements are linked with more efficient and timely communication, decreased wait times, and reduced operating costs.

Discharge and Post-Discharge Workflows

As we mentioned, a major advantage over most other clinical communication vendors that’s highlighted in the KLAS Report is TigerConnect’s ability to add value across the entire care continuum. KLAS validates our platform for advanced workflows including:

    • Ability to communicate with PCPs outside the organization
    • Care coordinator use of the platform to coordinate patient care with referred caregivers
    • Re-admission notifications
    • Communication between acute care personnel and post-acute care professionals

Cross-continuum care is especially useful upon discharge, where it’s critical to make sure a patient has a forward care plan in place. Oftentimes this includes coordinating with post-acute care facilities (i.e. SNF, home health, etc.) for the next stage in the recovery process.

In addition, TigerConnect’s platform allows staff to connect directly with family and caregivers outside the organization as well as the patient’s primary care provider by video, voice, or text and does so in a way that requires the least amount of effort and complexity for patients. Quick yet thorough coordination of the transition of care can lead to a decreased length of stay and reduced readmissions.

Patient Communication Brought into the Spotlight

This year, KLAS has put an added focus on patient communication and the ability to engage directly with patients in real-time. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way healthcare is delivered and clinical communication vendors must adapt their solutions to fit this potentially new normal. TigerConnect’s Patient Engagement patient communication solution simplifies the complexities of telehealth, delivering secure voice, video, and text in one solution. Offering virtual visits keeps patients feeling safe in their homes while providing critical check-ins and limiting the burden on a facility’s resources, all while reducing overall costs. Providers can connect with patients and family/caregivers via group video and voice calls and text conversations throughout the care process, keeping everyone up to date.

To learn more about how TigerConnect is optimizing workflows across healthcare through our clinical communication, care team collaboration, and patient engagement solutions, visit our website.

Want to purchase the full report? Click here: KLAS Performance Report: Clinical Communication Platforms 2020

About the 2020 KLAS Communication Report

For the report, KLAS collected information from multiple case studies and by conducting in-depth, on-site interviews with organizational leaders, including CIOs, clinicians, and IT personnel. The organizations profiled are at the cutting edge of clinical communication and have often made significant contributions, in partnership with vendors like TigerConnect, to develop solution capabilities and drive outcomes.