How to Manage Resources More Effectively with Clinical Communication

Hospital worker shortages have drastically changed how hospitals operate and handle their resources. Without an adequate number of care team members and other essential hospital personnel, existing care providers work harder and faster in an increasingly chaotic environment. Without the required staff, healthcare professionals are at greater risk of error from a lack of clinical collaboration, poor patient engagement, and staff burnout due to the stress of handling too much too fast. 

In addition to the existing chaos, a slew of complicated tools and communication methods are spreading workers out too thin. Patients are rushed through the healthcare ecosystem, and care teams are stressed to the max, feeling unsatisfied with their performance. Without help, the future of the healthcare environment looks bleak. However, by taking a closer look at how technology is utilized, hospitals and health systems can make use of current resources by managing them more effectively with cutting-edge technology.

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Simpler Technology for Better Resource Management

By examining the areas of inefficiency and complication in hospital workflows, improvement is within reach with simpler technology that streamlines clinical communication and reduces chaos in the work day. All-in-one product suites that alleviate stress and replace archaic tools, such as spreadsheets and pagers, are the key to creating streamlined workflows, effective clinical communication and collaboration, and thorough patient engagement.

If you’re struggling with a staff shortage, consider an efficient, modernized communication solution to manage your resources better and improve collaboration. Replacing old tools with an easy-to-use, automated system has the potential to change multiple facets of the hospital environment. Technology can help hospitals manage their existing resources more effectively. 

For example, the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration platform can help expedite communication between healthcare professionals while optimizing hospital workflows for improved productivity, profitability, and patient satisfaction. Communication via a clinical collaboration platform becomes more straightforward, minimizing miscommunication and preventable errors. 

Eliminate Confusion with Improved Clinical Communication 

Limited, complicated, or delayed communication between patient and care provider can be frustrating. In some cases, it can lead to errors or unsatisfactory patient outcomes. However, recent developments in modern healthcare technology have demonstrated that quicker, clearer exchanges between care team members lead to improved clinical collaboration, expedited care, and better patient outcomes. 

Tools such as TigerConnect Patient Engagement can provide patients with secure access to their medical records and allow for two-way communication with their physicians. Unlike patient portals that require users to memorize log-in information and navigate around confusing site menus, a two-way communication platform allows patients to communicate securely via text message, video, or voice calls. 

With this technology available, hospitals can allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers quickly and in one place, removing the confusion of checking different tools and platforms for correspondence. With increased and improved communication between patients and their care providers, patients can feel confident in their team’s care plan, and both care providers and their patients can work together to improve overall outcomes. 

By improving clinical communication, technology can help hospitals attract and retain workers, thereby improving worker shortages. Hospitals can keep up with the changing healthcare landscape by replacing overcomplicated tools of the past with easy-to-use tools of the future, like patient engagement and clinical collaboration tools. 

Over time, hospitals with modern communication and collaboration systems will become places where health providers can work with their teams efficiently and engage with their patients effectively to find solutions without chaos, miscommunication, and burnout.

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