In 2022, almost 55 percent of physician offices in the US reported that their patient visit volumes exceeded their volumes of 2021. With the volume of patients to manage increasing to pre-pandemic levels, it is becoming more challenging for practices to balance administrative tasks with patient care. Patient engagement solutions began as a way for providers to interact with patients in the digital era. However, the technology has evolved into so much more than just an easy, secure way to send text messages and appointment reminders.  

Patient engagement solutions have revolutionized the healthcare industry by providing a platform for clinicians to efficiently manage patient interactions and allow physicians, nurses, and staff to connect with patients and their family members in a meaningful and impactful way. Today patient engagement solutions enable providers and staff to engage with patients, caregivers, and family members across the care lifecycle: before, during, and after their visit. 

By investing in patient engagement solutions, practices can improve practice efficiency and build stronger relationships with their patients, which ultimately helps improve patient satisfaction and drive the bottom line. 

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Improve Patient Engagement With a Collaborative Communication Platform

Enhanced Patient Experience 

Health literacy studies have found that patients actively engaged in their care have better healthcare experiences and overall better health outcomes. Patient engagement technology provides an accessible platform for patients to ask questions, receive updates, and connect with their healthcare provider, resulting in a better understanding of their health and adhering to treatment plan. Improved communication between patients and providers positively impacts patient experiences, trust, retention, and satisfaction scores. Happy, engaged patients are more likely to recommend doctors to family and friends – which positively affects a practice’s reputation. 

Patient engagement technology also reduces the need for in-person visits by enabling real-time communication via secure voice, video, or text – which removes barriers to care for patients unable to travel to a doctor’s office. Doctors can effectively triage patients either in person or via a virtual waiting room, view and prioritize patient queues, update statuses, and even notify a provider when the patient is ready.  

Improved Health Outcomes 

The WHO notes that patient safety investments can lead to significant financial savings and improved patient outcomes. The organization lists patient engagement as a prevention method that can reduce patient harm by up to 15 percent. Effective patient engagement helps ensure that patients adhere to their treatment plans which can range from wound management to taking their medications as prescribed. This reduces the likelihood of complications and unnecessary office visits or ED admissions.  

By empowering patients to take an active role in their care, patient engagement solutions lead to better patient outcomes. Patients are more likely to be engaged in their health and understand the importance of the role they play in their care, resulting in healthier patients. 

Increased Revenue 

Real-time access to providers and treatment education can lead to more confident patients. However, that’s not where the benefits end. Automated appointment reminders, a feature included in modern patient engagement solutions, significantly reduce no-show appointments. Preventing just one no-show appointment per day can result in $200-$300 a day in revenue for the average practice. 

By utilizing patient engagement software, practices can experience increased patient satisfaction and retention, leading to more referrals and, ultimately, an increase in revenue. The software also streamlines administrative processes, reducing the time and resources spent on manual tasks and freeing up staff to focus on patient care. 

Invest in Your Patients and Your Practice 

Investing in patient engagement solutions is a wise business decision for physician practices. TigerConnect Patient Engagement supports better patient-provider relationships by providing a secure platform for patient communication, virtual visits, and patient education – resulting in improved patient outcomes, increased satisfaction, and higher profit margins. Empower your practice and your patients by implementing patient engagement software today. Download the eBook: “Physician’s Guide to Improving Communication and Patient Engagement” to learn more.  

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