Software for physician scheduling makes it possible to create fair and equitable schedules in minutes

Today’s physicians are being overworked. A 2021 survey by Medical Economics found that 80% of physicians report feeling burned out. While the pandemic added to existing stress levels, onerous administrative tasks and overwork were the leading reported causes. Clinics and specialty groups resolving to lighten the burdens felt by their physicians, and administrative teams would be wise to put automating physician schedules at the top of their list.

Whether it is pen and paper, email, or Excel, relying on manual methods for on-call or shift scheduling takes away from a care team’s ability to focus on what matters most – patient success. Admins and schedulers (sometimes doctors) often spend weekends and days off creating and updating physician schedules. Physicians can end up being overscheduled and become frustrated by unfair assignments that may disrupt vacation and time-off plans. And every scheduler dreads receiving a voicemail from a doctor who was called out for a 2 AM consultation because of a scheduling error.

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TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Creating, managing, and merging shift and on-call schedules has never been easier.

Software for physician scheduling makes it possible to create fair and equitable schedules in minutes, and the benefits of automating physician schedules are immediate. Here are four ways TigerConnect Physician Scheduling can benefit your clinic or specialty group:

1. Spend Less Time on Physician Schedule Creation and Boost Productivity

Reclaim days, weekends, and hours typically spent on doctor scheduling by leveraging TigerConnect Physician Scheduling software. The intuitive interface is accessible on mobile and desktop devices, with built-in efficiency features that reduce scheduler workload. Pre-built templates allow administrators to create repeatable weekly, monthly, or yearly physician schedules that work for your organization. Administrators, schedulers, or physicians can quickly build on-call assignments and shifts that take vacation and time-off requests into account. 

Custom rules also take into account specific preferences that doctors may request. Sophisticated algorithms support schedulers in setting limits on how many times a provider is scheduled.

2. Reduce Physician Burnout with Fair and Equitable Schedules

Working too many hours and poor work-life balance are among the leading causes of physician burnout. The TigerConnect Physician Scheduling algorithm ensures fairness in on-call shift assignments by including sufficient time between shifts. The algorithm removes the stress on managers by intelligently automating physician schedules to ensure shifts are fairly distributed and spaced far enough apart to prevent burnout.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling tally reports allow physicians to view whether they are scheduled more or less than their colleagues. Administrators can also use these reports to determine whether changes are needed.

3. Support Real-Time Flexibility in Doctor Scheduling

Work-life balance becomes more accessible when physicians can review and request changes to their schedules right from their phones. Administrators enjoy the same accessibility to review requests and approve, deny, or ask for clarification on the go. This level of flexibility can help reduce physician burnout by empowering physicians to take the time they need while keeping the rest of the clinic informed in real time.  

4. Reduce Scheduling Errors and Miscommunication with Software for Physician Scheduling

Administrators shouldn’t need to waste time re-faxing or printing out new schedules every time a change happens. With TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, up-to-date physician schedules are accessible in real-time via a web browser or the mobile app with sharing features that make it easy to keep the entire care team updated. Clickable calendars and iCal synchronization enable team members to view and make changes to the schedule in real-time and sync it to their mobile calendar. 

Automating physician schedules saves time, money, avoidable scheduling mistakes, and preventable physician burnout so that you can put patient success front and center. Request a demo of the TigerConnect Physician Scheduling solution and simplify your 2022 physician schedules.

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