When It’s Urgent, Use a Priority Message

When It's Urgent, Use a Priority Message

Healthcare providers know better than anyone, not all messages are created equal. Regular TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standards work perfectly for most situations — in fact, 90 percent are read within 10 seconds. But some situations are so time-sensitive that they could use a stronger signal. That’s why TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard is introducing Priority Messaging, to help you emphasize your most urgent messages and encourage quicker response times.


Send urgent communication using a Priority Message.
Press the (!) to activate special notifications.

For a good example of how Priority Messaging can speed up workplace communication, let’s look at a common clinical workflow in a hospital: patient discharge. As a patient approaches the end of their hospital stay, the whole care team needs to rally to share breaking news and make fast decisions to get the patient on their way efficiently. There’s a lot of time-sensitive communication.


Get a colleague’s attention using bright red banners
and a unique repeating notification tone.

Care providers can use Priority Messages to eliminate downtime in between key steps that might otherwise delay the patient’s departure. For example, a discharge planner can put a time-sensitive request at the top of a busy pharmacist’s inbox to fill a prescription before the patient is cleared to go home.


Priority Messages sit above the inbox until opened.
Did we mention? They come in red, with exclamation marks!

Priority Messages use more than just visual cues, they also generate a special notification sound to win someone’s attention in a noisy work environment. For example, the same busy pharmacist now rummaging through her inventory is more likely to hear an important follow-up message if the alert sound is unique.

A few other key details about Priority Messages:

First, these messages will generate multiple notifications until they are read, once every 2 minutes for up to 20 mins. If you have in-app alerts disabled, the special tone will not play while you are active in the app, but it will play when the app is in the background.

Second, Priority Messages override other TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard settings that otherwise prevent notifications, delivering with fanfare even to recipients who have activated Muting or Do Not Disturb mode. If a message cannot be delivered to a recipient who is not logged in, notifications escalate to SMS or email.

Third, when your patience is running out, you can press on any regular message and resend it as a Priority Message, the same way you would use Forward or Recall.


Waiting too long for a reply?
You can resend your message as Priority.

Finally, if you need to share urgent news with many people at once, keep in mind you can send a Priority Message to a Broadcast List. So for example, if there is some kind of system outage you can use a Priority Message to send a strong alert to many staff-members at once.


Send alerts to larger audiences
by using Priority Messages and Broadcast Lists.

As a reminder, Priority Message is a premium option. Contact a TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard representative if you would like to activate the feature for your organization.

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