Case Study

Innovation Care Partners

TigerConnect helped Innovation Care Partners cut healthcare costs and patient readmissions in half, while improving patient outcomes.

How Innovation Care Partners Reduced Patient Readmission Rates by 50%

Efficient clinical communication and collaboration can have a profound impact on clinical workflows, costs, and patient outcomes. Innovation Care Partners (ICP) is dedicated to ensuring a smooth discharge or transition of care for patients within the network. Synchronous communication via phone calls created communication bottlenecks and slowed down care coordination. With TigerConnect, ICP coordinates discharge and transition of care workflows via secure messaging, video, and voice calls to enable faster care coordination.

Through streamlined communication, Innovation Care Partners has successfully reduced healthcare costs and readmissions in half – leading ICP to save $19.5 million of spend in shared Federal savings. As a result, ICP was named third among the 472 ACOs in the country in terms of savings percentage, and sixth in the country in terms of shared savings return, which they attribute to the partnership with TigerConnect.

“We fundamentally believe wholeheartedly that TigerConnect is a huge piece of our success,” – Karen Vanaskie, chief clinical officer with Innovation Care Partners.