TigerText 5.0 – An Update from CEO Brad Brooks

TigerText 5.0 - An Update from CEO Brad Brooks

Today we’re excited to announce TigerText 5.0 – the next generation of our app and platform. This update has been months in the making as our team has worked tirelessly to make this next version of TigerText the best enterprise messenger on the market.

Version 5.0 not only brings a brand new user interface, key features like message forwarding and ‘Do Not Disturb’ as well as lightning-fast message delivery, but this is also the first TigerText release that rides entirely on our own SDK. Building on our SDK (and the underlying TigerConnect API) enabled us to make our app more reliable, consume significantly less bandwidth, and use less battery. In addition, for our iOS users, TigerText 5.0 now supports Touch ID, ensuring your messages stay even more secure.

One of the big goals for 2014 was to build a world-class data and reporting analytics platform to complement our mobile clients. Concurrent with the release of 5.0, we’re excited to announce TigerText Trends which enables organizations to track usage on a per-user/per-message basis, look for communication patterns in the organization, enforce accountability and develop insights related to their staff’s engagement. No other secure texting vendor provides such detailed transactional data, and we’re excited to be the first ones blazing this trail.

2014 has been a year of tremendous growth. It was just a year ago that TigerText was being used in 3,000 facilities and 31 states. Today, we are in more than 5,000 facilities and 48 states. This progress is remarkable and is due in no small part to the fantastic team we have assembled here at TigerText. We are well-positioned to scale TigerText to be a leader in SaaS mobile security.

As communication security in the enterprise has become an even more critically important topic among CIOs, we have begun to field inquiries from industries beyond healthcare, including financial services, government, and media. All of these industries share a need to improve workflows while also meeting rigorous enterprise-grade security needs. TigerText 5.0 is a fantastic tool to address this need. As part of this effort, we updated our logo and introduced a new tagline – “Work securely.” We think this tagline succinctly captures the TigerText mission – to protect enterprise communication while making it simpler, more efficient, and absolutely secure.

2014 has also been a busy year for the productization of our API, TigerConnect. TigerConnect integrations are vital to unlocking the utility of the TigerText platform for our end users. We currently have over 25 integrations completed by customers, including most recently, integrations with MobileIron, PointClickCare, Amion, Orion Health, and Cerner. Each provides huge value to our end users and is driving large message volume growth across the platform. Customers are using TigerText to integrate with their scheduling system, answering service, lab system, Health Information Exchange systems and Electronic Medical Record systems to drive faster response times and improve collaboration across the enterprise. In 2015, we will broaden these partnerships further as we continue to grow the TigerConnect ecosystem of API partners.

As significant the strides made with TigerText 5.0, we are still very early in this amazing journey to building a world-class, secure mobile data communication platform. I’m extremely grateful for all our customers, partners, and TigerTexters who have made it possible to get this far. Further, we are honored and energized to help so many people who work in some of the largest healthcare enterprises with their day-to-day communications and to be able to make the impact we’re making. Wait ‘til you see what’s next.