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  • TigerText Helps Keep Text Messages Private

    Keeping your secrets safe is the idea behind a new cell phone service that lets you send text messages that will self destruct as soon as they’re read. “If I’m texting my wife, that’s a text for my wife,” said Andrew Miller of Tempe. “It’s not a text for somebody else. If I text my buddy, it’s for my buddy not for other people.”

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  • TigerText Unveils Enterprise Version Of Private Texting Service

    TigerText, a company that develops a private SMS app, is launching an enterprise version of its product today. Called TigerTextPRO, the service allows companies to deploy their own private and secure mobile network in hours.

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  • How To Send Text Messages That Automatically Delete After Just An Hour

    Tiger Text, the startup that lets you delete your text messages after a set period of time, is releasing an enterprise version of their product today, TechCrunch reports.

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  • TigerText Wins MediaPost’s Appy Awards for 2011

    TigerText has been selected as a finalist in the category Best Communication App presented by MediaPost for their Appy Awards ceremony taking place at the OMMA Global Conference and Expo in San Francisco on Feb. 28.

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  • Secret Texting… Pass It On

    A new messaging service aims to keep your secrets safe. TigerText Inc., which can send texts that vanish from both the sender and receiver’s phone after a select period of time so they can’t be copied or forwarded, has developed a niche following among celebrities trying to keep their lives private.

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  • This Text Message Will Self-Destruct in 60 Seconds

    It’s too late to help Tiger Woods cover his tracks, but the creators of a text message auto-delete service say other celebrities trying to keep their lives private are among its half-million users. TigerText — no connection to the golfer — sends texts that disappear from both a user and sender’s phone after a set period — anywhere between a minute and a month — reports the Wall Street Journal.

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  • News Hub: A New Way to Keep Texts Private

    From hospital executives to screenwriters to bankers, a slew of new business people are turning to a new text messaging service to communicate privately. Lauren Shuker introduces us to TigerText.

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  • New Service Aims To Make Texting Secure

    By: Cyrus Farivar | March 06, 2011 (Featured on NPR)

    Text messaging is exploding, and that’s an understatement. In 2005, cell phone users in the U.S. sent a total of about seven billion texts per month. Last year, they sent 173 billion text messages per month. That’s a monthly average of more than 600 messages per person. The main advantage of text messages is that they can be received on just about every mobile phone anywhere in the world. The main disadvantage: They’re not secure. Click here to listen to the full story.

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  • Top 5 Privacy Violations of 2010

    By any standard, 2010 was not a good year for privacy rights. While a growing number of people and companies seem to be concerned about the issue of protecting the most intimate details of our lives, technology is making it harder and harder to do so.

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  • When Cyberspace Comes Back to Haunt

    How many times do we have to be told!? When you write an e-mail or send a text message (or photo), it lives on in cyberspace and could easily come back to haunt you in a big, bad way. Once your communication hits the digital super-highway, it is full speed ahead into immortality.

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  • TigerText Lets You Get Rid of SMS Messages at Will

    The average teen may send hundreds of texts a day, but they’d be getting much more out of their efforts with TigerText. This app provides many features that standard SMS does not, including allowing a user to send text messages or photos that automatically delete off both the sender’s and receivers phone after a selected period of time.

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  • TigerText Becomes First Mobile Messaging Service to Offer Delivery and Read Notifications across Four Platforms

    SANTA MONICA, CA (November 5, 2010) – TigerText, the worldwide leader in private mobile messaging, today announced the release of delivery and read notifications across its network. TigerText also announced the availability of the app on the new Windows 7 mobile operating system. TigerText is the only messaging network to offer these features to all iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows 7, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

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