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  • OMG! Texting Becomes The Next Big Enterprise Tool

    By: Sharon Gaudin | October 16, 2013 (Featured on ComputerWorld)

    A nurse, checking on a patient in the hospital with pneumonia, is concerned about the patient’s progress and pulls out her smartphone to text a doctor and a pulmonologist.

    No, the nurse isn’t breaking HIPAA laws or hospital rules by sharing patient information in an insecure text. She’s actually using what could be the next big thing in enterprise social collaboration – secure enterprise texting.

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  • The Future of Work Communication Is Nigh, and It Is Full of Texts

    By: Carmel Deamicis | October 9, 2013 (Featured on PandoDaily)

    The future of enterprise communication is nigh, and it is full of texts. Did you see the word enterprise and tune out? Come back little lamb. When I say “enterprise” I mean businesses big and small, perhaps even the very company you work for. The way we communicate at work impacts anyone with a job, and new forms are emerging.

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  • AirWatch Marketplace: 7 Things You Need To Know

    By: Scott Solomon | October 8, 2013 (Featured on AirWatch Community)

    AirWatch has always operated on the premise of simplicity. The AirWatch Marketplace echoes that sentiment. AirWatch continually works with hundreds of technology companies to help enable your enterprise and discover the solutions that best fit your mobility strategy. Our partner’s solutions needed a centralized portal, a place to be discovered – and so the AirWatch Marketplace was created.

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  • Email Is No Longer the Best Answer to Enterprise Communication

    By: Ron Miller | October 7, 2013 (Featured on Fierce Content Management)

    In a piece this week on ZDNet, writer James Kendrick makes a case against texting to communicate about business issues. Kendrick argues if you use your personal device as many people do these days to communicate about company information, you’re doing your company a disservice by not leaving a trail of the conversation.

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  • Put Other Companies’ Staff in Your Mobile Directories – Safely

    By: Brian T. Horowitz | October 4, 2013 (Featured on CruxialCIO)

    If you have alliances, collaborative skunkworks, or close ties to suppliers, it may be time to get all of your partners into your mobile devices’ contacts directory so you can send them messages securely and immediately.

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  • TigerText Makes a Change with New Freemium Version

    By: Dawn-Marie Januzzi | October 4, 2013 (Featured on Right Startups)

    TigerText is a secure SMS platform service that is aimed at servicing the enterprise market. Previously they had two versions, the free consumer version, and the paid enterprise version. They have made a shift with the new combined freemium version, leaving only one app for users to download, and the availability for enterprises to upgrade to the premium service giving them control over their network. Having paid control measures provides the enterprise company to control which members are included in their network, code messages with a security pin, or setting messages to expire after a certain time period.

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  • TigerText Freemium Secure Enterprise Messaging App for BYOD

    By: Peter Bernstein | October 3, 2013 (Featured on Mobility Tech Zone/

    If the headlines prove nothing else when it comes to online security these days, they speak to the needs of enterprises and individuals to have peace of mind about their electronic messaging activities. This means that users want their personal communications to remain just that, while enterprise IT departments want visibility and control over business-related messaging. This includes the ability to better secure messages, as well as having simple to use archiving for compliance reasons and enhanced encryption to at least make it a lot harder for the bad guys.

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  • TigerText Revamps as Freemium Messaging Platform

    By: Natalie Jarvey | October 3, 2013 (Featured on The LA Business Journal)

    TigerText began as a consumer app for disappearing texts but quickly found a niche as a tool for large companies and hospitals as a secure messaging network.

    As the Santa Monica startup’s business changed, it developed separate apps for everyday texters and its business customers. But TigerText on Thursday unveiled a redesigned system that has combined both the consumer and enterprise apps into one freemium product.

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  • Secure SMS App TigerText Goes Freemium, Adds New Features

    By: Jordan Crook | October 3, 2013 (Featured on TechCrunch)

    TigerText, the secure SMS platform aimed at the enterprise, is today reshaping the business model. Rather than having one free, consumer-facing version of the app and an enterprise-level, paid version, TigerText is combining the two into a single freemium solution.

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  • TigerText Launches Freemium Enterprise Messaging Tools

    By: Benjamin F. Kuo | October 3, 2013 (Featured on SocalTECH)

    Santa Monica-based real-time, enterprise messaging provider TigerText announced this morning that it has launched a new, freemium version of its enterprise messaging systems, aimed at companies not yet using its enterprise messaging tools. The company said the new version of its service will allow for full access to its cross-platform text messaging app, which is heavily used by healthcare providers and enterprises needing secure communications.

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  • TigerText Takes its Secure Messaging Platform Freemium, Targeting Both Enterprises and Consumers

    By: Michael Carney | October 3, 2013 (Featured on PandoDaily)

    Mobile messaging is growing like a weed. But it’s not just teens sending stickers, emoticons, and LOLs that have made the category among the hottest anywhere in the tech sector. Businesses are increasingly relying on new digital messaging solutions to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

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  • TigerText Goes Freemium; Launches Next Generation of its Secure Enterprise Messaging App for BYOD

    SANTA MONICA, CA (October 3, 2013) – TigerText, the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise, today introduced its next-generation messaging solution to safeguard communications, improve employee productivity, and minimize the risks and liabilities created by employees using text messaging for business purposes. The new version of TigerText now allows anyone to join TigerText for free, add their business and start securely texting from their personal mobile device or from the web.

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