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Diagnosing Workflow Challenges:​

Survey Insights from Healthcare Leaders​

Insights from 2023 TigerConnect-Becker's medical and nursing leadership survey.

Will O’Connor MD,

CMIO, TigerConnect

What communication challenges are health professionals facing today?

    • 57% have difficultly communicating with teams outside a unit 
    • 68% experience frustration from slow or no response 
    • 71% do not have a process for analyzing workflow efficiency 

All these issues lead to delays in care. There is a distinct need to improve patient safety, quickly put information into the right hands, and get quality outcomes. 

TigerConnect asked… you answered. 

TigerConnect partnered with Becker’s Hospital Review to talk to 105 healthcare professionals about their communication goals in the 2023 State of Healthcare Communication and Workflow Challenges survey, and the results are in. 

Hosted by Dr. Will O’Connor, CMIO at TigerConnect, this 30-minute webinar will discuss where clinical communication is failing, how it can be improved, and what today’s healthcare professionals need to be successful. Join to discover what today’s healthcare professionals think about: 

    • The top three risks negatively impacting patient care 
    • The most popular clinical communication methods 
    • The top reasons to have streamlined clinical workflows


Will O’Connor, MD, CMIO at TigerConnect

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