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Increase Your OR Capacity

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Operating Rooms (OR) are expensive to run. A single OR can cost between $15-$50 per minute to operate.

Imagine being able to improve efficiency and reduce delays in the operating room without sacrificing quality of care.

By using TigerConnect real-time messaging, staff get notified every time a patient event is documented in the EHR, which helps the entire process more efficiently and prevents delays.

In this on-demand product demo, watch as Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect, explains how you can:

    • Improve first-case start times to under five minutes
    • Reach the appropriate individual at the right time as the patient moves through the phases of care
    • Speed operating room turnover times through better collaboration
    • Increase revenue with more cases performed and reduced overtime costs

If OR capacity is improved by just 0.5% per 20,000 cases, additional revenue can be estimated at $116,000.

Learn how to increase OR capacity and boost revenue in this quick, no-strings-attached demo. 

Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect

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Accelerate Your OR Turnover Times With TigerConnect

Inefficient OR transitions lead to delayed surgeries and increased staff overtime costs. You can simplify your OR transitions by decreasing delays in patient perioperative movement, first-case start times, and room turnover time using TigerConnect to collaborate with real-time messaging. Download this infographic to learn more.