TigerConnect® Platform

Centralized data and communications
on a single, flexible platform

One mobile-friendly platform for patient data and communication

Physicians and nurses are getting crushed under a system that prioritizes data entry over patient care. TigerConnect®’s Connection Hub helps reverse this trend by merging critical data and improving EHR-related functionality with instant, mobile-friendly communications on a single platform, leading to better outcomes for patients and higher team productivity.


Connection Hub Large Illustration

  • Connection Hub Centralizes Your Data & Communication

    With Connection Hub, team communication meets real-time patient data on a single platform. That means only the most relevant and timely information is surfaced and made actionable at the point of care. Connection Hub centralizes and intelligently routes patient data from critical systems like the EHR or nurse call and pushes it to the smartphone in where it can be read, shared, and acted upon for faster, better quality patient care.

  • 99.99% Uptime, HITRUST-Certified

    At TigerConnect®, reliability and security are more than just buzzwords. With 99.99% uptime and full transparency for our system status, we voluntarily alert clients to any service issues that may impact them. And when it comes to protecting data, no other vendor gives you the peace of mind that TigerConnect® does. Each year, our solution undergoes rigorous annual audits from the HITRUST Alliance to ensure we’re meeting the highest standards and keep patient data safe and secure.

  • Your Entire Health System on One Communication Platform


    TigerConnect® serves health systems by providing an easy, affordable way for both clinical and non-clinical staff to communicate and coordinate care efforts across different facility types, including:

    • Acute Care

    • Ambulatory

    • ACOs

    • Home Health/Hospice

    • Post-Acute Care

    • Skilled Nursing Facility

    • Physician Groups

    • Urgent Care Centers

    With the entire health system instantly accessible by text, phone or video, your care teams can deliver faster, higher quality patient care with a much lower risk of medical errors…keeping patients safe, happy, and on the road to recovery.

  • Integrations Make Critical Data Instantly Accessible

    TigerConnect®’s accessible API interfaces with your critical hospital systems to break down the silos and push patient data to the smartphone the moment it becomes available. No more missed results or consult requests. Instead, you get actionable, relevant, real-time data at your fingertips. Integrate with these system types:

    • EHR

    • Scheduling Solutions

    • Radiology & Lab

    • HL7 Interface Engines

    • LDAP / Active Directory

    • Nurse Call

    • VoIP / PBX / Video & Voice

    • Paging

    • Answering Service

    • SAML / Single Sign-On