Avita Home Health & Hospice + TigerConnect

Case Study

Avita Home Health & Hospice improves patient care and staff morale by replacing non-compliant, inefficient technology

Avita Home Health & Hospice was communicating via a free group messaging app that didn’t meet HIPAA requirements for protecting sensitive patient information. As a result, they could not refer to specific patient information in their messages, share images such as patient wound photos, or initiate calls to individuals or teams. Communication challenges also extended to Avita’s on-call scheduling process. Nurses were carrying paper calendars that indicated the nurse on-call. Inevitably, schedule changes would happen which made it extremely difficult to keep up with while on the go.

Read the case study to find out how implementing TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform and Physician Scheduling impacted their efficiency, patient wait times, and staff morale.