Many long-standing medical practices have built a legacy of trust and clinical expertise in the communities they serve. However, that doesn’t mean they should cling to outdated business practices.

University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Topeka, Kansas, has both a rich history and a commitment to progress. Founded more than 60 years ago, the organization tends patients’ musculoskeletal needs in a state-of-the-art environment focusing on friendly, compassionate care.

When Brad Rea joined the team as a practice administrator, he immediately recognized an opportunity to upgrade the practice’s cumbersome communication processes. Implementing TigerConnect Physician Scheduling delivered immediate benefits and empowered University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to improve efficiency and streamline communications.

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University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Learn how advanced on-call scheduling transformed the clinic.

Revolutionizing Call Scheduling

University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine relied on an antiquated, paper-based on-call scheduling process that burdened care providers and hospital partners. All physician scheduling requests were submitted via paper forms, with schedule updates sent out manually in emails to each hospital or clinic served.

Rea managed call scheduling in a prior role, so he knew University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine was overdue for an upgrade. He consulted with colleagues for advice on physician scheduling software for clinics to find the right fit for the organization. Through his outreach, Rea learned that TigerConnect Physician Scheduling earned high marks for its combination of top-notch technology and exceptional customer service.

Although some physicians had less experience with software, they saw the time-saving potential offered by TigerConnect Physician Scheduling. Soon after implementation, clinicians recognized the convenience of having “anytime, anywhere” call scheduling access. Rea praised the solution for making his day-to-day workload easier and improving communications between providers, staff, and outreach locations.

Powerful, Proven Results

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling has become an integral part of University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine’s operations and delivers impressive benefits every day:

  • Comprehensive Scheduling –  As an advanced on-call scheduling solution, TigerConnect offers robust features such as easy time-off requests, schedule swaps, and schedule adjustments based on physician availability. University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine especially valued its ability to provide one link for hospitals to click for up-to-date schedule access.
  • Provider Rules – TigerConnect Physician Scheduling has a robust rules engine that automates scheduling to ensure balance and fairness. Through custom rules, Rea can generate schedules that provide the necessary coverage while ensuring that shifts are spaced far enough apart to prevent physician burnout. 

Every Practice Needs Next-Generation Physician Scheduling 

Healthcare has always been a high-intensity discipline, but today’s practices are experiencing unprecedented change. As University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine learned, outmoded practices that rely on paper and manual intervention aren’t viable in today’s fast-paced healthcare world.

Physician scheduling software can make an immediate and sustained impact on any practice. Not only does automated software ensure accuracy and improve on-call physician scheduling fairness, but it also enhances productivity, reduces burnout, and makes it easy to communicate with multiple hospitals.

As an added benefit, practices can redirect time spent on scheduling to improving care and building relationships with customers.

Looking for a Physician Scheduling Solution?

Look no further than TigerConnect Physician Scheduling. Read the complete case study for more details on how advanced on-call scheduling transformed how University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine schedules and communicates with providers and partners.

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