Turbocharging Your EHR Solution


Learn how healthcare collaboration technology makes EHR data actionable to accelerate care delivery.

Care Collaboration Gaps

Let’s face it: electronic health records (EHRs) weren’t designed for care team collaboration. They are a system of record, designed primarily to capture and house patient data. Unfortunately, highly trained, highly paid care teams now spend monumental amounts of time performing data entry and record-keeping in EHRs rather than on higher value, care-related tasks.
While EHRs play a vital and irreplaceable role in patient care, they don’t solve the age-old problem of collaborating with others who don’t have access to the same EHR systems, such as non-clinical staff or patients. This is especially true for EHR-based secure chat offerings where provisioning for non-EHR users can be time-consuming and cumbersome. EHRs also struggle to support urgent and emergent communication pathways.

Closing Thoughts

Communication is at the heart of everything care teams do. Making it as easy as possible for each individual must be a priority for healthcare organizations.
For a real-life example of how health systems are turbocharging their Epic, Cerner, and other EHR systems with essential care collaboration and patient engagement tools, check out the video testimonial of Temple University Health System in Philadelphia. To learn how TigerConnect can help integrate and enhance your EHR, contact us at info@tigerconnect.com or request a demo via www.tigerconnect.com.