In healthcare, efficient clinical communication and collaboration matter. Providing the best possible patient outcomes requires clinicians and care teams to be reachable at the right time. However, far too many healthcare organizations may depend on outdated tools, like pagers, fax machines, and landline phones, which slow down information flow and impair clinical decision-making.

Without question, healthcare communications are ready for an upgrade. Fortunately, next-generation collaboration technology is widely available and easy to use. Best of all, today’s most advanced clinical communication and collaboration solutions are purpose-built — that is, they center on the precise needs of today’s healthcare community.

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How to Implement a Clinical Collaboration Platform

St. Luke’s improved clinical communication and collaboration across their health system.

Communication with a Purpose

What is a purpose-built solution? Consider a tool like Slack that focuses exclusively on fostering team communications. It has one core job, and it does it well. In healthcare, you may encounter a messaging feature built into an electronic health records (EHR) system. While that messaging feature can convey information between two parties, it’s likely not very robust since communication isn’t the EHR system’s core purpose.

Now envision how a purpose-built clinical communication and collaboration platform for healthcare operates. Effective, efficient communication is what it’s designed to do. The solution becomes a hub that connects disparate clinical systems to expedite information-sharing and provide contextual awareness on each patient case. You can use secure, HIPAA-compliant voice, video, and text messaging to reach care team members with ease.

What’s more, your organization can fine-tune your clinical workflow to engage the right individual at the right time. Instead of routing communications through front desks or nurses’ stations, you can send messages directly to the right clinician’s smartphone. You can also set up role-based and schedule-based messaging to avoid manually searching lists to find out who is on duty or on-call. It’s easy to connect with care teams, whether they’re down the hall or in another facility.

The result: streamlined communication, reduced alarm fatigue, and better patient care.

Empowering Clinical Communication and Collaboration

The fast pace of healthcare will never slow down, but reducing the chaos that stems from stressful, disjointed communications can empower healthcare professionals to combat these challenges.

The TigerConnect Collaboration portfolio satisfies the essential communication needs of today’s healthcare professionals. Through the TigerConnect suite of collaboration tools, you can empower care teams and patients to work together to achieve better health outcomes:

  • TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – the cloud-based platform supports text, voice, video, and alerts and lets you reach any care team member. You can also use role-based messaging to reach on-duty and on-call providers without needing to search for names.
  • TigerConnect Physician Scheduling – take the complexity out of physician on-call scheduling with an intuitive, easy-to-use tool. Manage time-off requests and establish rules and notifications that keep every stakeholder informed.
  • TigerConnect Alarm Management and Alert Notification – send EHR and physiological monitoring alerts, critical lab results, and nurse call notifications to the right caregiver at the right time. Build workflows to reach care team members on smart devices and escalate to others as necessary.  
  • TigerConnect Patient Engagement – foster open communication with patients directly on their preferred devices—no portals or passwords required. Use voice, video, and text messaging, send appointment reminders, collect forms, keep family informed, and offer virtual care through one robust platform.

Elevating Patient Care

The ultimate purpose of healthcare is to achieve the best patient outcomes, and today’s advanced clinical collaboration solutions put this goal within reach. Fostering communication between care teams and between providers and patients is essential to achieving optimal health and well-being.

Instead of relying on archaic technologies, choose a cloud-based clinical collaboration solution built with the unique needs of healthcare professionals in mind. Create workflows that reach the right care team member and skip the interim steps that slow down information flow. Eliminate the burden of consulting an on-duty list to track down care professionals by sending messages to a group and let the assigned clinician take action.

When your team works in concert, they can share insights and coordinate closely on each patient case. The TigerConnect Collaboration Platform helps remove the roadblocks that stand in the way of real-time communication and achieve higher standards of patient care.

Want to learn more about implementing a productive, collaborative workflow?

Watch the on-demand webinar, How to Implement a Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform.

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