Many healthcare organizations use portals to communicate with patients, which are cumbersome and don’t provide the best user experience needed for efficient provider-to-patient communication. Patients prefer having a direct conversation with their physician without having to deal with downloading an app and remembering a password.  

To improve communication and patient satisfaction, CIOs should invest in modern patient engagement tools that replicate the way patients are already communicating in their everyday lives.  

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Modern Healthcare Organizations Need Modern Communication

Securely Connecting Patients and Providers 

Patient communication is fluid and doesn’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all solution. Some patients prefer to talk on the phone, while other patients are very comfortable communicating via text, or video calls. Modern patient engagement tools allow healthcare organizations to communicate with patients securely and efficiently in their preferred method of communication.  

For example, providers can follow up after a visit by sending patients a text message through a secure link. Patients simply click the link to enter a secure, HIPAA-compliant conversation with the provider. Both providers and patients can send messages, share photos and videos, or initiate a phone call in real time.  

Engaging patients before, during, or after visits not only helps patients feel in charge of their care but also prevents miscommunication and improves patient satisfaction.  

Improving Patient Satisfaction With TigerConnect 

Navigating a new app can be frustrating for patients, especially while also trying to navigate their care situation. With TigerConnect Patient Engagement, there is no searching, no learning curve, and no waiting for an app to download or patient portal to cooperate. Additionally, all patient communication is encrypted and secure within the platform, ensuring that patient data is safe even in the case of a cybersecurity threat. The solution is simple, easy to use, and familiar to patients who are already comfortable with text messaging.  

Together, the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform and TigerConnect Patient Engagement help providers seamlessly communicate with care team members and patients. In the TigerConnect app, providers can easily switch between the Provider Network and Patient Network to coordinate transfers with care teams, answer patients’ questions, and send care instructions to patients’ family members directly from a mobile device.  

With innovative patient engagement and CC&C tools, healthcare organizations can reduce stress and improve patient satisfaction across the patient population. Giving patients the ability to directly communicate with providers in their preferred method of communication removes friction, improves patient satisfaction, and leads to better patient outcomes. 

Take the Next Step to Improve Patient Satisfaction 

Looking to improve patient satisfaction and clinical communication at your healthcare organization? Download the CIO Guide to Modernizing Healthcare Communication to learn more about how your healthcare organization can bring modern communication solutions to patient care. 

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